Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthd - HALLOWEEN! Wait, what was it again?

While I don't usually do these celebration posts, aside from the New Year, since well, I think the New Year is important everywhere in the world, and if I really wanted to do it I'd have to celebrate every single special day in the world, only to be fair, it appears Halloween is special.
Mostly because it's a fun celebration and because I'm totally not going to do a celebratory post for Halloween.
(On the other hand, I am going to post an Halloween anime selection tomorrow over at Organization ASG)

What I was trying to post about is a reminder that Tiger&Bunny is great and that you should all watch it. As well as the very useless information today is Barnaby's birthday and that he deserves to be wished a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
And also that I love the fans, I love the fandom, I love fucking everyone and I LOVE STERNBILD

Now that I've totally outed myself as a creepy fangirl, I shall leave and rewatch Tiger&Bunny to celebrate.