Friday, September 30, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 12 - After black Tigers come black rabbits

Every week I really look forward to Mawaru Penguindrum, because every week I am mindblown (and let's face it, since the end of Tiger&Bunny and Steins;Gate there's not really anything I look forward to, my Summer 2011 recap post will be depressing -___-)
This week is the same. Maybe even more than usual. I wouldn't devote it a post if it was some minor informations, remember, I'm lazy.

If you're like me you wanted some fantastic revelations about the day when everyone is born. We got them.
(And actually I have one more for you, but, I too, am born on that day. And trust me, it's a bit creepy)


The Takakura

Rushing out of his (very suspicious) workplace, Kenzan Takakura goes to the hospital to see his wife. And, as soon as he is there, initiates the Survival Strategy. (Which may or may not mean he's been in contact with another Hat being, he probably was and I think it's Sanetoshi, but more on that later)
During the ride and before we learn TWO important things.
- When exiting the car and giving the signal for the attack to start we saw two plans of him, two mirrored scenes. So, I believe Kenzan Takakura has a twin.
- When receiving the call from the hospital, and that is of utmost importance, they said ONE child. And he repeating he has A child. Not children. Child. (and even with my very small knowledge of Japanese I can tell it wasn't a translation mistake)

So what does it mean?
First, one of the "twin" isn't Kenzan's. (I thought they didn't look alike ^^). Then, what is the other? The child of Kenzan's twin? A random child picked up on the streets? A clone?
And what about Himari? Is she really Kenzan's child? Is she really related to either of the twin? Is she the result of human experiment?

That leads to another question. What the hell did they do in Antartica? Human experiments?
Did they trigger fate by digging up something they shouldn't have dug? Were they searching for the Penguindrum?

Mary and the lambs

The story of Mary (who is a man in the story) basically tells us that doing something you're forbidden to do will bring consequences. That there are reasons why some things are forbidden.
And that if you really want something you will have to make sacrifices along the way.

First question, who's who?
We can easily figure out for the lamb, we can easily figure out, I think we can fairly assume that "Mary" is in fact Kenzan.
Logically the goddess would be Fate and then the tree would be their mother.
The ashes would be, probably, the Penguindrum, which is apparently a pretty useful tool to keep people alive.
So, in my theory, Kenzan wanted the Penguindrum to save his wife with no regard for others, he probably gave his life for it (see what Kanba tried to do), and I hope unknowingly his daughter life.
Now, what's happening is that Kanba wants to get the Penguindrum at all cost to save Himari, who's herself endangered because his father wanted (and used) the Penguindrum. Kanba is safe but Himari isn't, because they don't have the Penguindrum. Yet. (At the very least, for now Shoma is safe?)

Sanetoshi and the bride of Fate
Back on what I said about Sanetoshi and what Himari said about "returning to her home, the Destination of Fate". Sanetoshi comes from there, thus they're the same kind of being.
Which is why I think Sanetoshi may be one of those who managed to obtain the Penguindrum and that he was previously living inside the Takakura Mother. As such, she might be alive somewhere or the consequences of using the Penguindrum is that these beings completely take over the body they used.
In any case, these beings who obtained the Penguindrum could really be the goddess of the story.
On the other hand I don't believe things are completely finished for Himari and her Hat.
Because Sanetoshi came with both the black rabbits and the apple, he wants to offer an alternative to them.
Which could mean that he's the one behind everything and thus, Fate if you continue on previous analysis.
And then, Himari would be his bride.
And damn is this confusing -____-

March 20th and the diary and Tabuki
*The diary is the only thing that remained from Momoka. What remains after a fire is : the ashes.
I'm now pretty sure, after lots of denial, that the diary is the Penguindrum. Probably just part of it though because if that was that easy Boshi-sama would have won already.
On the other hand, Momoka herself is ashes, Japanese custom is to burn bodies after their death (if what they burnt as Momoka is really Momoka ...)
That makes too many metaphors
*Tabuki has really strange scars on his hand. And he seemed quite without parents during the funerals.
Did he sacrifice them for a purpose? And what that purpose was?
The Penguindrum too? For Momoka's sake? For Ringo's sake?
*March 20th is an important date (aside from being my birthday I mean), it's a turning point.
Not only is it an equinox, the day when night is as important as day, but also the day before the zodiac changes from pisces to ... aries.
That is to say, lambs ...

To sum everything up. My brain is a mess and I'm not even sure if this makes any sense.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #17

I talked a lot today. Then again, a lot of things are ending, and since I'm too lazy to make a whole post for each of them ...
It's hard watching so many anime at the same time isn't it?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Tiger&Bunny songs!

I knew it would made its way on Youtube in no time.

As I was talking about earlier today, the Tiger&Bunny OST set for release on Ocotober 19th and that, strangely enough, I didn't care much for before, will include, at least a song. A trio.

Whether you remember the episode of the strange new unit B.T.B. or not, whether you were watching Tiger&Bunny or not, you HAVE to listen to this.
It's Kotobuki Minako (who sings quite well in that one), with occasionnal help from Hiroaki Hirata and very thoughtful comments from Morita Masakazu. ("See you tomorrow")

I might as well tell you. I cried. Of laughter.
And I can tell you that even if they obviously heard it before the guys presenting the radio show and their guest Morita Masakazu had troubles keeping their cool too. (He still managed to be adorable and spent 5min thanking the fans, by the way.)

[Summer 2011] Seiyuu top 10!

Remember last season's "voices hit or miss" post? Well, I decided I'll do things differently for Summer, mostly because I realized there was no point to rant about Kishio Daisuke for each show I'm watching. I don't like him. I think you got it.
Then, came the second question, do I still consider shows that started back in Spring? Do I consider shows that are going to run until Winter? In the end, after lots of talking with myself (and, I'll admit it, heavily influenced by the fact I was listenning to a radio show with Morita Masakazu as a guest), I thought : screw it! I'll consider everything!

So, in the end, the only shows I'll leave out (officially) are Beelzebub and Gintama. Sorry Sugita, I still love you!

10 - Ono Daisuke 
I have to admit I'm usually not much of a fan of his because his voice is usually very flat. That works perfectly for characters such as Huey (Dantalian no Shoka), but sometimes he surprises me like he did with Shizuo, and so he did as Yondaime. That's why he's there, because I didn't think he'd pull it off that well.

9 - Suwabe Junichi
As usual, he's perfect as the ambiguous villain in Natsume Yuujinchou. We won't talk about his singing in Utapri because that was terrific for everyone but he did well as the rich boy who's only thinking about girls.

8 - Mamoru Miyano
Once again leaving Utapri aside (even though his version of Amazing Grace was really pretty) he was just too perfect as Okarin in Steins;Gate. So perfect I didn't realize it was him at first.

7 - Nobuhiko Okamoto
He's everywhere, I just can't leave him out and I have to admit that while I was wary of him when I first read  Ao no Exorcist's castlist, he does a good job as Rin.
And he did fit Origami in Tiger&Bunny pretty well in my opinion. On the other he isn't special at all and tend to piss me off a bit in Kamisama Dolls. And he shouldn't sing. At all.

6 - Fukuyama Jun
Same as above, I didn't expect him to voice Yukio in Ao no Exorcist, I knew he'd pull it off because it's FukuJun but I didn't think it'd fit that well.
And then there's Rikuo in Nurarihyon, he really does that kind of dual personnalities well. And during this second season he appears more as night!Rikuo so I can hear his deep voice more. I'm happy.

5 - Kana Hanazawa
She's one of my favorite female seiyuu, ever, but well, before her character in Kamisama Dolls appeared she wouldn't have made it to the list. I love her, but I'm not a fan of her cute voice, so yeah, when she came down from the sky and started using her deep voice, I started fangirling.

4 - Kamiya Hiroshi
He's Natsume guys! Natsume is adorable!
He's Mephisto guys! Mephisto is such a twisted and interesting characters.
And the voices of both these characters are quite different. He's good, you can't deny it.

3 - Yusa Kouji
I don't even know why he's so high up the list, he's the young version of Nurarihyon in the eponym anime and Lunatic/Yuri Petrov in Tiger&Bunny. He sounded so evil and so nice, both at the same time.

2 - Ayu Matsuura
She voiced Rin in Usagi Drop. It was perfect. She's 10 years old.
That's all I have to say.

1 - Morita Masakazu
Sadly, he doesn't get many roles in anime (guess he must be busy with Bleach) but, I was stunned by his performance as Barnaby. When I checked the cast when it first started I admit I was a bit weirded out, first I didn't recognize him and second, I never thought of him as very good.
How wrong I was.
So, he's in first because he's the first seiyuu who made me cry so much with the tone of his voice alone. He'd better get more emotionnal roles (in anime) instead of his usual fighting addicts.
Too bad he speaks so fast on radio shows. But I can make out he's adorable all the same.
(And damn, guys, I have a surprise for you, as soon as someone uploads that damn song somewhere on the internet, it gets posted here, it's too epic! (and hilarious) Full version out on October 19th)

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #16

I know I've already complained, but I can't stop, I love to complain, it's one of my favorite hobby, so, this corner feels empty at this time of the year. Well, next week I'll have new stuff, but until then, please bear with it.
Oh, and I'm kinda a bit disappointed by Kalafina's new album, but I guess I'll vent my frustration on a dedicated post. I've never reviewed an album before, guess it's the perfect occasion.
Anyway, beware of spoilers!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[1st episode]Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Slowly, new things are starting to come out (even though it's officially just a preview) I'm glad, I don't really like the time between two seasons, it's a bit sad. 

But, readers of Kuuki no Puraido, rejoice! Today is the day we discover together the episode 0 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
I know I probably should wait for the actual episode but I don't think the overall atmosphere of the serie will change, if anything, it'd be a better indicator of the rest of the serie than the first and usually introductory episode. 
At least episode 0 makes us jump straight into things. 

So, it's yet another harem story, revolving around Hasegawa Kodaka, who, as the title kindly puts it, don't have many friends. When he meets whichever girl it was, he realizes he's not the only one who's facng this predicament and thus they decide to establish a club dedicated to a simple purpose : making friends. 

The plot sounds lame. You're right it is. Lame and cliché. (The OVA starts by a beach scene. Yes, they don't beat around the bush)
The cast of characters look like they're all coming out of an eroge. You get the imouto, the shy maid, the smart girl, the (very out of place) sister, the tsundere, and the big breasted blonde. 
And obviously there's only one man. 

Normally, with such a plot and cast of characters I'd say pass (actually I did, it originally didn't even make it the list of anime I wanted to at least try). I wouldn't even think twice about it. I just know this kind of show is not my cup of tea. 
But obviously again, there are exceptions. The main one in the past has been Kore wa Zombie desu ka? And from the look of it Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai seems like it'll be one as well. 

Why? Well, it's not your average harem anime. 
First, the girls are not what they seem to be. I don't really know how to express it, and it's actually just a feeling that hasn't been proven by any fact, but I'm pretty sure they're all going to surprise me, at least a bit. 
The guy is an average harem anime guy though, doesn't seem like he has much depth to him. 

Second, it's trash. I don't know many anime where the two main girls throw up on the main guy during the very first episode (and to be honest, that's the very reason I tried to watch, too curious for my own good I guess).

Lastly, it's amusing. It didn't make me laugh, but I did smile a few times, so I guess it shall be enough. 

Oh, and it has nice seiyuu too! Such as two of my favorite girls ever, Kana Hanazawa and Marina Inoue

I shall now wait patiently for the actual first episode, hoping it'll stay that way so I like it enough to keep on watching (Or not because my watchlist will explode if I already start to add more anime I didn't intend to watch ^^)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #15

So many things are finishing, yet, nothing really started so far and I miss Steins;Gate.
In the meantime you can still check my tentative crazy watchlist for Fall.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Tiger&Bunny]When fandom makes you do crazy things

You're free to skip this post if you want to keep whatever image you had of me before., because even to my standards, what I'm about to talk about is nuts.
But I regret nothing!

Back then when we all couldn't decide whether Kotetsu was dead or alive, two friends of mine, the creators of the blog This is Sternbild, came up with a silly idea, let's all make fried rice!
And so we did.

In one week time, the silly idea of two crazy (but lovely) people had been adopted by more or less 300 others crazy (but lovely) people. (If you want to see CLICK HERE)

The list has been compiled yesterday and so far we've received words from none other than the director Satou Keiichithe producer Ozaki Masayuki and even from the writer Nishida Masafumi.

I've been involved in a lot of different fan communities in the past, not just blogs, but forums and other websites and it's the first time I see anything like that. Got to love the power of the internet.
I can't help but find this amazing and adorable. Crazy, yes totally, but adorable.
And again, I regret nothing! (and I've learnt to cook carrot cake in the process)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #14

Before I leave you with my usual anime report, December will come with a full album of Tiger&Bunny character songs (Oh god how much I want one for Agnès you have no idea) and second, and totally unrelated, a new Kalafina album is released in a few days. I can't wait. I love Kalafina.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiger&Bunny 25 - Eternal Immortality

Want the short version of what I'm going to write? Watch the show. Once you get through the first episode it's surprising at so many levels. And now it's finished you won't have to deal with the cliffhangers.

For the long version and after episode 25 thoughts (once again, haven't seen the subs yet) it's under the cut. Because I wouldn't want to spoil. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mawaru PenguinDrum 10 - Fate loves me

You may have noticed the incredible amount of posts in this blog during the last days, let me tell you something. Insomnia has only one good redeeming point : more time to blog.
And, while my brain really wants to make a rant post about the end of No.6, it'll have to wait.
Penguindrum's more important.

Mostly because I want to say : I WAS RIGHT! (It happens pretty often with me so you should always be ready for that)
The particular point I was right about that was finally proven in this episode is the existence of another Boshi-sama like being. Say hello to Mario!

Mario has the same hair color as Himari. I'm thus concluding they're related.
I thought at first that he might be his soulmate but she seems to be taller than him so I don't think he is.

I'll be quick to go over the rest of the anime, because there's something else I think is important and I want to share.
- Glad to see Shoma is OK, felt sorry for him when he was poisonned TWICE in less than 24 hours and loved the bondage. Obviously.
- Kanba was adorable, trying not to show he cared for Shoma that much. Or did he have another motive? Something that must be accomplished in which Shoma is absolutely needed? Basically, does Kanba knows more about their fate than he really lets us know? And that may be the reason why he gave the diary back to Ringo.
- Who managed to even grow more on me. She cares for Shoma. It's cute. She's moving on, I'm happy for her.
- Himari finally decided to make her move to catch her soulmate but, who the hell it is?
- Masako's real motive on the other hand escapes my understanding. Is her project M the same as it is for Ringo? Does she need a baby from Kanba? And why Kanba in the first place? Where could we place Yuri and Tabuki in this mess? Does Yuri have a penguin too? Is Tabuki hiding something?
- You may think that Ringo is just as out of place as Yuri in my theory, that she has no Boshi-sama to fight for, but, I think I heard something, Masako's working with someone(s), she couldn't have been there to take the diary at the same time she was talking with Kanba, and it was clearly a man we heard on the phone.
So, I'm not too sure I heard right but I'm pretty sure the voice on the phone was the voice of her father.
There might be more to Ringo's and her family's involvement than they make it out to be.

Hang in there there's more. The whole sequence of Shouma going down the stairs in that strange building/dream.

To be honest I skipped the visuals, they probably have some kind of meaning but I was too concentrated on the music (to the point it's stuck in my head). That dear readers was an excerpt from Dvořák's New World Symphony, which wouldn't be that relevant if it wasn't the 2d movement of that symphony which is commonly sung during funerals.
I don't think the French lyrics are relevant so have the English ones (the relevant ones ^^)
Going home, going home 
I'm just going home 
Quiet light, some still day 
I'm just going home 
It's not far, just close by 
Through an open door 
Work all done, care laid by 
Going to fear no more 
Mother's there expecting me 
Father's waiting, too 
Lots of folk gathered there 
All the friends I knew 
All the friends I knew 
I'm going home 
Nothing's lost, all's gain 
No more fret nor pain 
No more stumbling on the way 
No more longing for the day 

First, note that Kanba is going down, so, it does seem to enforce the theory that he's in the dark side of the twins.
Second, see what I bolded? I'm now pretty sure their parents are dead.
It really got me thinking about Kanba's role in this, if he just had to push Shoma in the right direction, if the role he was determined to play is now finished or if there are several versions of the fate they're supposed to be tied to. In that case, for each Boshi-sama one fate? And everyone of them are going to fight against the others to find the Penguindrum and make their very own destiny win. In that case, having the diary of the adverse "team" is indeed something very useful.
I really can't wait to see how it goes.

Oh and I've wanted to say that since last week but : Sanetoshi really has long eyelashes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We have attained Steins;Gate. El. Psy. Congroo

Steins;Gate has ended, after 6 months of weekly wednesdays spent watching the show. I was excited by the plot when it first was announced, I really enjoyed watching but I never thought I'd be that sad when it'll end.
Thankfully, they announced a movie and the trailer shows nothing but things we already saw in the anime and I have no idea what the hell they'll put in that movie. An alternate ending maybe?

While it isn't one of my favorite anime ever it is something I want to re-watch. It is something I enjoyed from the beginning to the end and it definitely is something I'd recommend.

The reason is simple, its fits a lot of my requirements for anime (not that there's such a fixed list in my head but who cares?)
- The plot is interesting. Even before knowing about Steins;Gate I knew I'd enjoy this, people making a time machine out of a microwave? It just sounds so weird that it's bound to be at least a bit interesting.

- It's well written. The pace is great. It introduces characters little by little, slowly builds the tension until the events finally take a tragic turn and everything goes faster. I complained about the episodes dedicated entirely to a single character before, but in the end everything falls together perfectly. In each of these episodes Okabe grew to understand people more, he grew to care more, to feel more, just so that in the end he and the world can be happy. It does show that nothing is truly meaningless and I find that a great lesson.

- The cast is eargasmic. Mamoru Miyano is someone I grew to love a lot since his role in Durarara!!, and to be honest I didn't recognize him at first and as much as I loved Light and Kida, Okabe is now my favorite role of his. He managed to voice the mad scientist moments as well as showing the despair that hit Okarin, that was quite the challenge I think. Aside from Kana Hanazawa (who I love) and Kobayashi Yuu (who I hate, I'm glad Rukako doesn't speak much) I wasn't too familiar with the girls but I was glad to ear Saori Goto (as Moeka) again (she's Q damnit! I loved Q) and very glad to discover Imai Asami, her voice really quited Kurisu well.

- It's pretty. I've admired huke's work for a long, long time so I'm always glad to see more of his designs animated. The atmosphere too is really well done, you can feel the tension sometimes or the peace of mind of the protagonist only by looking at the scenery around them. It's quite great.

- It's entertaining. That's one of the main point of anime isn't it? It's amusing to watch and I loved to see them all interact, even in the darkest moments of the story.

- It made my brain work. The ones who do that are always the ones I remember the most. Once you got the hang of it you couldn't help but wonder how the hell things will turn out, what will be achieved by working together, whether or not they'll beat CERN and how, at every episode there were things to think about.
Even if it wasn't the most brain wrecking anime I've seen, far from it, the simple fact it dealt with time travel just forced you to think to understand how it worked (and I just felt like I had to do researches afterwards)

And while I know it obviously had flaws, for now, I can't find one to share. (I'll probably do when I'll rewatch, you never pick everything up at the first watch)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #13

If I keep this up, there will come a day where I'll be lost in my numbers.
Also, I hate Sunrise. So. Fucking. Much.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Japan Blog Matsuri - Reasons to visit Japan

The lovely Justin over at Organization ASG posted it and so I follow his example. I'm proud to present you my own taking part in the Japan Blog Matsuri, the theme of the month is "reasons to visit Japan", hosted by A Modern Girl.
The theme made me think quite a lot actually, about what really interests me in Japanese culture and whether or not it can be really seen in a simple visit in a touristic context. If it's just going to see famous places or doing anime related things I think it can be done, but anime is hardly the first thing I loved about Japan, if I talk about it a lot it's just that it's easier and I wouldn't want to dwelve on topics I don't know first hand. In the end I realized that if I ever go to Japan, I want it to be a long stay. If it's just to be a tourist, I can be in another country in the next hour.

So, why would I want to go in Japan? I liked Justin's idea of making a Top 5 so top 5 reasons it'll be! (please note that the reasons might not make much sense and/or be a bit weird.)

5 - I want to buy doujin.
I could do that online, true enough, but the concept of going into stores entirely dedicated to fan made books is wonderful. Actually, the recognition that the fans can be active in their love for a show is something I like a lot. Even though I fully understand not everyone sees it as positive, this is still something I love about fandom.
Basically, and to sum it up, I'd want to go to Japan in person to thank the country for showing me that loving a show can be productive. (That comes from a lazy person, it's important)

4 - I want to see a real yakuza
Please note I said "see", not "meet", I may be a bit weird but I'm not crazy to that extent.
If you're new here you probably don't know it (yet) but I have a little bit of an obsession for yakuza, try to understand me a bit, they're living in the underground yet they're recognized in society (hell they have legit press publications), they cause troubles but people comes to them for help, they're criminals but they have/had high morals.
I love contradictions like these. I am interested in yakuza. That's the reason I'm curious and want to see a real one one day.

3 - I want to see Honnouji. 
Just so I can walk on Akechi Mitsuhide's tracks and think to myself "that's where you betrayed Nobunga you wonderful bastard"
Granted, it's not the original one but I'll deal with it and take what I can have.

2 - The food.
Mind you, if a pizza eaten in Italy tastes better than a pizza eaten in France, a Japanese oyako-don (my favorite Japanese dish) eaten in Japan will always taste better than an oyako-don eaten in France. Even if it's just for the scenery.
Even though to be honest I'd travel anywhere just to taste the food.
And I want to go to the Sunrise headquarters with fried rice. Just for the sake of it and so I can (or not, depending on what will happen on Saturday) smash it in their face with my very angelic expression of utter satisfaction.

1 - The culture
Basically, I want to meet more Japanese people so we can share our difference (I want to meet more people of different countries actually, which is why I blog in English in the first place), I want to go a Matsuri, to a temple, I want to go to a ryokan, I want to go to Akihabara, to Asakusa, I want to see the Tokyo Tower, and the Asahi building just for the sake of it, I want to ride the Shinkansen, I want to experience the start of a new year in Japan and Tanabata and the Mooncake festival ... and a seiyuu event.
I just want to try by myself everything that's different, compare it with what I know, enjoy it for what it is and continue to learn more about how others live and try to understand them.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kuuki's crazy animewatchlist desuu~ #12

I just realized I've been keeping up with this for 6 weeks already. I feel a bit proud of myself.
And I want fried rice.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer 2011 - My favorite anime music

Being a very picky music enthusiast, especially when it comes to anime, this summer season disappointed me.
In term of OSTs it's not exactly what I'd call mindblowing. Not bad either just pretty average, even Iwasaki Taku for Kamisama no Memochou has been somewhat disappointing and not like himself. If anything the most noticeable music writer this season has been Yoshimori Makoto for Natsume Yuujinchou San. And not for the good reasons either, just because his work is sometimes too recognizable and it does disturb me a bit to watch something very peaceful and adorable, see a beautiful scenery and suddenly believe I'm right in the middle of Durarara!!.
Don't even get me started on the two idols anime, the music is everything but their strong point. Not that I am able to find any right now, but I digress.

Instead of complaining let me tell you what I did like. Mainly, only three songs.
Well, at least it'll be short right?

Dantalian no Shoka OP - Cras numam scire

Dantalian no Shoka ED - Yes prisoner (I am very diversified aren't I?)

And last but not least, my favorite even before hearing it Sacred Seven OP - Stone Cold

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #11

And I come once again bearing a new edition of my bi-weekly crazy watchlist. One day I swear I'll be able to control myself and not watch as many things as I do now.
Or not.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[1st impressions]Towa no Quon

Ever mistook one anime for another, even if during a split moment? That's what happened to me with movie.
The first time was when I heard the music. I thought I was in Gundam 00 (and the setting didn't help, we were in a military HQ). Obviously, both OSTs were composed by Kawai Kenji.
And there I thought : good point for this movie.
The second time was when I first saw the hero in battle gear. I wondered, what the hell is that, a suit? It's night so I don't see very well, wait, is this a yellow and blue color combo?! TIGER, what are you doing there?
And, obviously, it was wishful thinking, there was no way it could be him right? I thought there was a chance the character designer could be the same too (because damn was he similar to Zetman) but nope.

Anyway, I guess you want to know what the hell is Towa no Quon about.
Pretty basic if you ask me, some strange powers awaken in young people, two factions are opposed, the ones who want to destroy them and the ones who want to help them.

To be honest I think there's more to this than just what is in the summary, and while I understand this is only the first movie of a serie of 6, who the hell is Towa?
Quon is the hero-Tiger-look alike (First time I've ever been thankful Kamiya Hiroshi isn't voicing anyone in Tiger&Bunny, I would have died. If only from the confusion) and Towa seems to be ... a tree?
As things stand I'd guess they're somehow related and she (I assume it's a she) was transformed into a tree by something. Still, I'd like to know much more. I'm interested.

I mentionned I thought I was in Gundam before (Ah, I heard Miki Shinchiro too, must be another reason ^^) but, it's much simpler than a Gundam, the good and the bad guys are clearly defined from the very beginning. The battles on the other hand are always about saving (or at least trying to save) one person whose powers just awakenned (there are a lot of different sorts of powers by the way, and not only battle related, to be simple and continue on the serie "but which anime I am watchin again", they're NEXTs), the battle are led by a few guys sent to the battlefield and strategy is being held somewhere else.
The bad guys use cyborgs who apparently used to be human (one of them is voiced by Kotobuki Minako) and the good guys only have two people able to fight, mainly Quon and an Amber look alike (that was a Darker than Black reference, please don't mind me)

It's something I'd recommend, it's not that long for a movie, 45 minutes, there are a lot of things to uncover (and names to remember because I won't go far if I just remember their seiyuu or give them names from other anime).
The only problem is, last time I was excited about a serie of movies I ended up being disappointed (*points at Break Blade*), but for now I have faith.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #10

Oh clever introductions why do you fail me?
Why do my writing drive fail me too? I have so many post ideas and they're sitting there, drafted but not quite completed.
And why, why is Evangelion so ... boring? (At least by episode 12, where I'm at ^^)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist desuu~ #9

Hey! I have the pleasure to announce two things. First, I failed my job interview, was very close to get the job but didn't get it, which isn't bad because the pay was low and I would have started today and would have had to move out in less than one day.
And second, much better, I've joined Organization ASG as an anime reviewer. Everything related to the current season stays here, the rest goes over there, please check it out

Now, as usual, beware of spoilers!