Friday, September 30, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 12 - After black Tigers come black rabbits

Every week I really look forward to Mawaru Penguindrum, because every week I am mindblown (and let's face it, since the end of Tiger&Bunny and Steins;Gate there's not really anything I look forward to, my Summer 2011 recap post will be depressing -___-)
This week is the same. Maybe even more than usual. I wouldn't devote it a post if it was some minor informations, remember, I'm lazy.

If you're like me you wanted some fantastic revelations about the day when everyone is born. We got them.
(And actually I have one more for you, but, I too, am born on that day. And trust me, it's a bit creepy)


The Takakura

Rushing out of his (very suspicious) workplace, Kenzan Takakura goes to the hospital to see his wife. And, as soon as he is there, initiates the Survival Strategy. (Which may or may not mean he's been in contact with another Hat being, he probably was and I think it's Sanetoshi, but more on that later)
During the ride and before we learn TWO important things.
- When exiting the car and giving the signal for the attack to start we saw two plans of him, two mirrored scenes. So, I believe Kenzan Takakura has a twin.
- When receiving the call from the hospital, and that is of utmost importance, they said ONE child. And he repeating he has A child. Not children. Child. (and even with my very small knowledge of Japanese I can tell it wasn't a translation mistake)

So what does it mean?
First, one of the "twin" isn't Kenzan's. (I thought they didn't look alike ^^). Then, what is the other? The child of Kenzan's twin? A random child picked up on the streets? A clone?
And what about Himari? Is she really Kenzan's child? Is she really related to either of the twin? Is she the result of human experiment?

That leads to another question. What the hell did they do in Antartica? Human experiments?
Did they trigger fate by digging up something they shouldn't have dug? Were they searching for the Penguindrum?

Mary and the lambs

The story of Mary (who is a man in the story) basically tells us that doing something you're forbidden to do will bring consequences. That there are reasons why some things are forbidden.
And that if you really want something you will have to make sacrifices along the way.

First question, who's who?
We can easily figure out for the lamb, we can easily figure out, I think we can fairly assume that "Mary" is in fact Kenzan.
Logically the goddess would be Fate and then the tree would be their mother.
The ashes would be, probably, the Penguindrum, which is apparently a pretty useful tool to keep people alive.
So, in my theory, Kenzan wanted the Penguindrum to save his wife with no regard for others, he probably gave his life for it (see what Kanba tried to do), and I hope unknowingly his daughter life.
Now, what's happening is that Kanba wants to get the Penguindrum at all cost to save Himari, who's herself endangered because his father wanted (and used) the Penguindrum. Kanba is safe but Himari isn't, because they don't have the Penguindrum. Yet. (At the very least, for now Shoma is safe?)

Sanetoshi and the bride of Fate
Back on what I said about Sanetoshi and what Himari said about "returning to her home, the Destination of Fate". Sanetoshi comes from there, thus they're the same kind of being.
Which is why I think Sanetoshi may be one of those who managed to obtain the Penguindrum and that he was previously living inside the Takakura Mother. As such, she might be alive somewhere or the consequences of using the Penguindrum is that these beings completely take over the body they used.
In any case, these beings who obtained the Penguindrum could really be the goddess of the story.
On the other hand I don't believe things are completely finished for Himari and her Hat.
Because Sanetoshi came with both the black rabbits and the apple, he wants to offer an alternative to them.
Which could mean that he's the one behind everything and thus, Fate if you continue on previous analysis.
And then, Himari would be his bride.
And damn is this confusing -____-

March 20th and the diary and Tabuki
*The diary is the only thing that remained from Momoka. What remains after a fire is : the ashes.
I'm now pretty sure, after lots of denial, that the diary is the Penguindrum. Probably just part of it though because if that was that easy Boshi-sama would have won already.
On the other hand, Momoka herself is ashes, Japanese custom is to burn bodies after their death (if what they burnt as Momoka is really Momoka ...)
That makes too many metaphors
*Tabuki has really strange scars on his hand. And he seemed quite without parents during the funerals.
Did he sacrifice them for a purpose? And what that purpose was?
The Penguindrum too? For Momoka's sake? For Ringo's sake?
*March 20th is an important date (aside from being my birthday I mean), it's a turning point.
Not only is it an equinox, the day when night is as important as day, but also the day before the zodiac changes from pisces to ... aries.
That is to say, lambs ...

To sum everything up. My brain is a mess and I'm not even sure if this makes any sense.