Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiger&Bunny 25 - Eternal Immortality

Want the short version of what I'm going to write? Watch the show. Once you get through the first episode it's surprising at so many levels. And now it's finished you won't have to deal with the cliffhangers.

For the long version and after episode 25 thoughts (once again, haven't seen the subs yet) it's under the cut. Because I wouldn't want to spoil. 

To be honest I already wanted to title this "And they lived happily everafter", but first, it'd be a bit too spoilerish and second, well, I said I'd keep my fujoshi side in check. 
It's kinda amusing how everything is linked together, remember the title of the first episode "All's end that ends well"?
Well, first, and against all expectations it did end well and second, the episodes, they're mirrored, it's kinda fun. It starts with bickering and a wonderful princess carry and it ends with bickering and a wonderful princess carry. 

Anyway, I'm not too sure I want to sum up the last episode, just, know that there are so many questions left unsolved that even as an hopeless fangirl of this shows, I'm a bit disappointed. It's not like they could wrap up everything we didn't know in one single episode but not getting to know more about Ouroboros? Even if it's only a little, I'm disappointed. All that's left are speculations and we've been at it for 2 hours and I'll be continuing with more people once the subs will be out. 

All we ended up knowing is that they're damn scary (since Maverick prefered to erase all of his memories to protect his life, we kinda knew that) and that they have a lot of influence (Granted, we knew that too since the symbol appeared on one of these back in episode 4 or 5, my theory that they're the ones controlling the city is still valid! We even came up with the theory that they're using the city as an experiment on NEXTs, well whatever ^^)

Second very important thing to know is that I fangirled so much in that episode you have no idea. Over Saitou and his genius, over Kotetsu and his "I've returned from hell MWAHAHA", over Kotetsu and his bare chest (seriously, they killed me with that), over the hug of relief, over the princess carry, over the bickering, over Bunny's "There's no meaning to it if Kotetsu's not there anymore" and, and over Agnès, her badassness and her fucking erotic voice. 

I loved the tiny bits of everyone's lives after that (I seriously think there's more to Nathan and Antonio's relationship than that), and I'm not too sure yet about them going back to the business together but oh well, against all of my expectations everyone's alive so I guess I won't complain. 
Actually I'm not too sure about what I think about this ending for two main reasons. First, it's the ending, I hate to see things ending, especially when I love them. But, I want to know so much more (as in Ouroboros, or the NEXT powers, or the future of HeroTV or Kaede or Lunatic), and the characters, we saw them but we don't know their feelings about everything that happened, that was one of the strong point of the anime too. 
The only one who got his satisfactory ending in that aspect is Barnaby. Yes, the scene at the graveyard was touching (and yes I cried OK?)

It's been a fun ride. Really fun. Made lots of friends in the process and the livestream sessions were wonderful (making friends wither other fujoshi is quite simple it goes like "OMG you ship them too??!" "YES I DO!" and then you're BFF. For real.)
I've never been happier to be wrong and now, all that's left is to wait for that "first part of the NEXT project" on November and wish with all my heart for a second season.