Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Fashion" post

I'm a girl, that much should be obvious by now, and while I am not particulary a girly girl I still do enjoy looking at pretty things. (For the record Hello Kitty doesn't count as pretty thing, sometimes, I will need an explanation about her popularity ^^)

Anyway, my point was that, while browsing Japanese fashion blogs this morning, I found actual pieces of clothings, not cosplays, inspired by Vocaloids. 
So I thought I'd share with you, it's by the brand Putumayo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Review]Fujoshi Rumi

Sometimes, once in a while, I remember I have a blog.
Sometimes, once in a while, I also remember to write something on it.
And it happens that sometimes, very rarely, when I'm not busy elsewhere,  I read shôjos. I do my best to avoid it as much as possible but when comes something titled Fujoshi Rumi, I just can't help myself.

As you may have guessed (and you surely did) it's a love story so if it's not your genre, then pass.
However it's not just a normal love story, the title said it, the heroins are fujoshi.
(For the record and to sum it up a fujoshi is more or less a yaoi fangirl)

As expected the artstyle is shôjoish but not as shôjoish as I've seen elsewhere so it's bearable.
The story is a basic love story so don't look for originality here either.

However as I was saying the title appealed to me, why you ask? Because I'm one, kinda, then again I'm into anything if there's "interesting" scenes if you see what I mean.
So yeah, as one it's interesting to see fictionnal characters who're openly fangirling like that too, and what's even more interesting is to see the boys and how they react to this strange hobby of theirs.
It gives us hope you know? Because yeah, a lot of boys have a problem with yaoi so reading about accepting ones and how they come to accept the hobby of the girls is nice.

I won't go as far as to recommend it to everyone, but I'm pretty sure everyone would gain from reading a bit of it, because it's funny, because it shows you can like yaoi and anime in general without being an hopeless freak (which we know about it but considering how is society it's always something nice to be told) and, while the ending is totally predictable, it's still entertaining to read and never boring.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring 2011 : Planning

Before the start of every season comes the mandatory "What will I watch post". There will be a follow-up known as "What I ended up watching" with first impressions and another follow up at the end of the season known as "Was it any good", since I happen to never drop anything if I can go through the first episode without dying of boredom.
Anyway, here we go!

What I will watch for sure and totally already fangirls about :

- Ao no Exorcist : That one is a must, I love the manga, I love the characters, I love the cast (hell it has Kamiya <3) and I love the music writer. The only thing I don't particulary love is the studio but I guess I'll do with it.

- Gintama : Well, it's Gintama you see? It's a classic and it's funny. So yeah, jumping in for more Gin-san's silliness and pervy jokes.

- C : One thing to say : Noitamina. I know it'll be interesting, I'll definitely watch whatever the plot is (but it also happens that plot interests me.

- Deadman Wonderland : Blood. Good manga. Good cast. (Though I kinda have a hard time imagining Romi Park as Genta, and I may do an overdose of Kana Hanazawa after a while, as much as I love her, she's everywhere! o_O)

- Steins;Gate : Hell, huke's character design, Nitroplus game, I run. And the plot is interesting too.

- Ano hi mita hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai : Since last season I try to avoid weird titles but once again, Noitamina. And it seems cute.

- Hyougo Mono : I happen to be a fan of the Sengoku era and historical animes in general, so this one is my representative of the genre this season. Will probably be alone in this and I know it. Too bad.

- Yondemasuyo Azazel-san : Nothing is really clear about this one, and the first episode/OVA is out since quite some times, but if it's really going to be broadcast I'm watching. Definitely.

Maybe I will watch I'm not really sure, waiting for friends reviews but I'll still probably watch because I'm curious :

 - Kami Nomi : Has seen the first season, ought to continue. Maybe it'll be better than the first? 

- Sket Dance : People keep on telling me the manga is great, I don't particulary like the cast, the music writer is unknown to me, the plot doesn't really appeal to me, so I don't know. 

- Hen Zemi : There the plot totally appeals to me, there's Kana Hanazawa but I'm kinda afraid it'll turn bad, I mean, this is the kind of thing very edgy, it can be a total win but it can also be totally forgettable. 

- Tono to Issho Zokuhen : I want, hell the cast itself makes me laugh, but I'm always afraid I won't laugh and find it boring when it comes to gag mangas, despite my love for the Sengoku era I don't know. (plus I can't say I really like who's voicing Mitsuhide and Mitsuhide is like my favourite Sengoku warrior so if I cringe everytime he talks that won't do ^^)
And I should dig for the OVA/whatever first but god how hard it is to find that stuff. 

- Sengoku Otome : It's adapted from a pachinko game. Nuff said. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I thought a lot before making this post, because I didn't know how to put things in the simplest way possible, finding the right way to say things, especially in a foreign language, is never easy, finding the right tone, not upsetting anyone without sounding heartless, all of that is hard, which is why I don't find a lot of posts about it in anime and generally Japan oriented blogs I suppose.

It happens this is a Japanese pop culture oriented blog so I will continue on my topic. It doesn't mean I don't care for other people, and not only people in Japan but in other countries hit by a tsunami and/or in danger of being it by tsunamis or aftershocks because I do care but I also know I cannot do anything but hope for the number of casualties to be the lowest possible and for the situation not to become worse.
I also wanted to pinpoint a fact that seems important considering all the hate going around but I couldn't care less if I don't have animes/mangas/anything before a while, as long as the PEOPLE behind it are ok, even if I don't know them personaly. (as a sidenote, people I know personaly and are currently in Japan/around the Pacific are safe, I checked on them first thing after the news)

Which is when I come to the main point of my post, which is to share a list of Japanese Personalities and their statuts after the earthquake, it's being constantly updated since yesterday and gathers as much informations as possible for now.

Since I don't know what to add I will leave it at that and just continue to hope.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of fandom and interesting goodies

You probably know it by now but when it comes to goodies and weird interesting stuff, Japanese are really good at it, just see all the places where Hello Kitty have been put and you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about, also, since I've seen it, I'm dead set on getting that Pacman necklace /shot
Anyway, it happens that I'm currently into a very crazy fandom (with crazy, but wonderful, but very crazy people <3), mainly Durarara!! and it happens that this serie has crazy stuff.

First were the fragrance dedicated to each one of the main characters, obviously not my favourite but it would be so easy if I could have the same favourite character as everyone. Then again, it saves me money.
So, what I was trying to say is that they re-released the bottles, much more tiny, and as a set.

Isn't it cute?

Wait a bit because there's better, they're going to release a cake, a birthday cake, for each one of the previously mentionned characters (then again, mine happens to be forgotten, but well, we don't even know his given name, I can't hope to know his birthday can I? ^^)
Obviously limited edition, have a pic!

All of that to say that I'm definitely doing one of those for Izaya's birthday, definitely /shot
And you can find the stuff on this website.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A bit of music

I have no idea if this is a trait common to all anime bloggers but I do find it hard to find things to write about, especially since I don't review episodes, I tried, but I happen to be just too lazy and there are times you just have no idea about what you could say.
If that's the case for you too you need to find other stuff to blog about, this blog has a topic, and it's harder to stay on topic than to babble about everything like I do on LJ. Anyway.

Today's topic is music, I love music, and music related this season has been a blessing with two of my favourite composers ever taking parts in two animes I love, mainly Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika with Yuki Kajiura and Gosick with Nakagawa Kotaro.
However today's topic is not about them, though it's an idea to keep for another time, today is about openings and endings.
I find myself to be extremely hard to please in that field, as a result out of an average 10 animes I watch every season, meaning at least 20 songs, I find myself liking only one quarter of them, at best.
This is my Wnter 2011 season selection. Or phrased differently, the only ones I like.

[Beelzebub] Group Tamashi - Dadadada

[Gosick] Too lazy to look and there's no full version yet anyway.

[Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika] Kalafina - Magia

[Dragon Crisis] Horie Yui - Immoralist