Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Review]Fujoshi Rumi

Sometimes, once in a while, I remember I have a blog.
Sometimes, once in a while, I also remember to write something on it.
And it happens that sometimes, very rarely, when I'm not busy elsewhere,  I read shôjos. I do my best to avoid it as much as possible but when comes something titled Fujoshi Rumi, I just can't help myself.

As you may have guessed (and you surely did) it's a love story so if it's not your genre, then pass.
However it's not just a normal love story, the title said it, the heroins are fujoshi.
(For the record and to sum it up a fujoshi is more or less a yaoi fangirl)

As expected the artstyle is shôjoish but not as shôjoish as I've seen elsewhere so it's bearable.
The story is a basic love story so don't look for originality here either.

However as I was saying the title appealed to me, why you ask? Because I'm one, kinda, then again I'm into anything if there's "interesting" scenes if you see what I mean.
So yeah, as one it's interesting to see fictionnal characters who're openly fangirling like that too, and what's even more interesting is to see the boys and how they react to this strange hobby of theirs.
It gives us hope you know? Because yeah, a lot of boys have a problem with yaoi so reading about accepting ones and how they come to accept the hobby of the girls is nice.

I won't go as far as to recommend it to everyone, but I'm pretty sure everyone would gain from reading a bit of it, because it's funny, because it shows you can like yaoi and anime in general without being an hopeless freak (which we know about it but considering how is society it's always something nice to be told) and, while the ending is totally predictable, it's still entertaining to read and never boring.