About the blogger ...

So, I was told I need an about page, which I agree with mind you, I just really hate to do it, I always write too much or too little or I just am plain lazy or I think I'm un-interesting or just plain nonsense. 
But, lovely stalkers, your wish is my command! 

(Also, I'm a rabbit)

As of 2012 I am now 23 years old (the year is relevant because I know I probably won't update this in a looong time), I don't particularly feel that I am 23 years old, or maybe it's because I've been feeling that old for a long time now, but I don't suppose you actually care. 
Over the Internet I'm Kuuki, a girl, a French girl which probably explains my writing style. 

I have been watching anime for as long as I remember but the story of that is in My History with anime LINK. I have been blogging for quite some times as well, starting from personal blogs on various platforms and on various languages, to the anime blog you're reading right now that's the oldest public blog I ever had. (LJ's the oldest, but LJ is private so ...)
Its French counterpart died quickly and that's how I'm here now. 

As for English I've been studying it for more than 10 years now but it only took off when I discovered the internet and realized that being able to understand English could open a lot of doors (For example, I could read Harry Potter before all of my friends and spoil them really hard, and it was especially fun for the last book) and so I studied English, translated stuff, songs, texts, doujins and that's the story of my English. 
I do understand German as well though I can't speak it to save my life, I probably could be able to understand what you're trying to tell me if you speak to me in Spanish or in Italian and it seems I'm picking up more and more Japanese from anime.

I should probably tell you that I'm currently studying tourism at home and am always between two internships and contract works.

And hobbies, you're probably curious about those too, as a matter of fact I love anime, I love to write, I love photography and drawing, I love to read, I love to cook, and I love to eat too, OK I just love food. 

If you're curious about more please do ask, I'll answer, even if you're an hopeless stalker!