Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shinkou - Fukuyama Jun

Ok so, now that I have a little time in my hands after hectic days of fics, articles, school work, LJ and various stuff like catching up on animes and on house/garden work, yeah living in the coutryside has its hardship, even if I love it.

That being said, welcome to Music Week End!
There a few things a little too unknown for my tastes and that I'd love to share with you.
For the first edition may I present you a character song, thus sang by a seiyuu, today's victim is Fukuyama Jun, the voice behind my beloved Lelouch and Shinra and something like a hundred other characters, mister Fukuyama is indeed hardworking.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall season 2010 : general recap

Ok so as promised I take the list I made before the start of the season, in the end I'll keep watching everything because I HATE stopping things in the middle and since it's only one episode a week it's still bearable.

Will definitely watch :
- Togainu no Chi : DISAPPOINTED. And the animation is weird BUT there's blood and Shiki.

- Tegami Back Reverse : Still love this as much as the first season, it's cute but in the good sense of the word, not cheesy nor anything just plain cute.

- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo : Disappointed too, the mysteries are too easy but I still love ghost stories.

- Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls : Still love the art and the girls are as crazy as ever and fanservice has been lowered.

- Hakuouki II : One thing to say : SEXY. Other than that no sorry there is no other interest but they're even sexier than in the first season ...

- Bakuman : Cheesy, but it's a good adaptation so far.

- Arakawa Uner the Bridge x Bridge : AWESOME. Even crazier than the first season.

Will maybe watch :
- Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai : Disappointed too and I wasn't expecting much, but somehow I'm still hoping for an amelioration

- Kuragehime : Loved this, the story and the characters are totally crazy.

- Otome Yokai Zakuro : Better than what I expected, honestly. No real plot but I don't really care.

- Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt : Funny and perverted and even cute in a way, and interesting to watch.

- Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto : AWESOME! BIG surprise of the season, I was expecting a plain mecha and I have something glorious like that.

- Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru : It is indeed funny but after the first episode it looses its craziness. But I love the ED

- Toaru Majutsu no Index : Never was able to finish the first season so it's a no.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

[1st episode]Kuragehime

LAST ONE! Tomorrow --> recap

Kuragehime is a slice of life focusing on girls living in an appartment complex, these girls are all a little special, the heroin for example is a jellyfish otaku.
One day said heroin encounter a wonderful and pretty girl who helps her saving Kulala the jellyfish, the girl sleeps over and in the morning she discovers that this girl is not totally what she thought she was.

It's Noitamina, so even if it's not good it's at least interesting and this, is good. I think.

Kana Hanazawa is there again, much to my pleasure and it has Saiga Mitsuki too (the excellent seiyuu of Nabari No Ou's Yoite, a girl)
That alone would be enough to make me watch, because Kana Hanazawa talks a LOT and she usually voices more quiet characters (except in BRS)

Anyway, I LOVE the plot, honestly do LOVE.
The girls all seem crazy, I love crazy characters, well ok there's no psycho but I'll deal with it. I just love how much fun they seem to have together and the boy is priceless.
"I just like to dress in girls' clothes but I'm normal"

One of the anime I'd definitely keep watching if you ask me to cut down in my list

[1st episode]Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

(Fuck yeah I finally can remember the Japanese title!)

Summary first, a guy is a master at otome game, The God of Conquest, he can win the heart of any girl in any game, one day he signs a contract with a demon girl and he reluctantly starts to give chase to evil spirits hidden in girls's hearts.
However, reality is not the same as games and our hero is not good with reality.

Mmmmh I don't have much to say, the plot seemed interesting to me, but at the same time for now I'm a little disappointed.
I think I expected much better, since people were keeping on saying how amazing it was an all. Too bad I'm not in love.

Well it's not hate at first sight either and I love his mother (but there I'm cheating it's in the second episode) and I think I love his seiyuu too (considering it's also Akihisa's seiyuu in Baka to Test and considering how much I didn't like this, it's something I never thought would happen)
At the same time it's kinda cute and the relationship between the hero and the demon is pretty fun.

So yeah I'll continue, but for now I'm not really enthuisiastic

Friday, October 15, 2010

[1st episode]Otome Yokai Zakuro

Same thing than for Yakumo, I'm so late, hopefully I'm finishing the review tomorrow, I'm leaving out the second seasons and will do a general recap instead. Yes better idea.

So Otome Yokai Zakuro is set up in an alternative reality where Yokai and humans try to co exist, and that's the very reason of the existence of this special department of the State where military men will cooperate with female Yokais.
(ok, let's get over the fact it's obviously fanservice)

Led by my love for Yokais I started this and, strangely enough I'm not disappointed. Well it's not a masterpiece either.

It doesn't seem to have a very elaborated plot, it's basically one episode = a fight against another yokai, and for the rest we follow their attempts at living together.
Knowing that Zakuro, the main girl, really has a thing against humans and that her Tamaki look alike blond Sakurai Takahiro voiced partner is deadly afraid of spirits it's not really easy. But it's fun. And I love yokais.

I like the seiyuus, but at the same time it has Kana Hanazawa so ...
I also love their song, the song the girls sing when they fight, I NEED this song, and I need the EDs. It doesn't happen often so note this.
It'll never ever beat the masterpiece that is Natsume Yuujinchou in terms of Yokai anime, not sure anything would but at the same time it's easily watchable and not boring so it's on my list of interesting things of the season.

[1st episode]Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Such a shame, I'm so late that the second episode already aired. Nevermind.

So basically this anime/manga/drama is about a boy Yakumo, who has the power to see spirits and thus tries to resolve some mysteries, first one being brought to him by a random girl.

This one was started because I love the occult and I love Ono Daisuke who's voicing the main character.
Thinking back and while I'm perfectly happy with Ono Daisuke (except for the OP, even if it's his voice I just can't) I'm a little disappointed about the mysteries.
They're not even mysteries, it's all obvious things, I don't like when things are obvious, especially when the thing is calling itself a "mystery anime".

About the characters, well the girl is ok, I mean it's a girl so the fact I don't hate her is already something big.
But I LOVE Yakumo, it's exactly the kind of character I love, cold fucking asshole, except he's actually nice on the inside, which makes me like him less. (but my love for psychos is neverending we all know it)

While I don't regret starting, it didn't trigger the "OMG so cool" thing, too bad I was waiting for this. Well I don't hate it either, but honestly, if you're looking for a good surnatural mystery anime, go watch Ghost Hunt instead. If you have already watched then maybe Yakumo could entertain you, maybe.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

[1st episode]Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

I've been indulging in reading some more Yukio Mishima lately, I still think I need to write a book review for everything I read in the past weeks but it's damn busy these days.

Anyway, today's victim is Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, aka the weird Shaft maid thing.
I can't remember her name for the heck of it but the heroin is working at a maid Café, except she's totally not suited for that kind of work, there come weird owner of the store, perfect maid friend, classmate in love, and authority maniac teacher, along with people who didn't appear yet.
Clearly a Shaft thing, thus awesome.

Actually I have nothing really elaborate to say about this, I don't remember the music, the animation had no really noticeable flaw, except for the heroin's seiyuu whom I alway have a problem with anyway I have no complain whatsover and seriously, on a seiyuu related topic, this thing is worth just to hear the super manly Sakurai Takahiro voicing a GIRL.

I don't think there's much to say about the story either, it's a slice of life comedy and it's totally crazy, reminds me a little of Working!! except it's much better (despite the lack of Kamiya ^^) and much much funnier.

GO WATCH! No seriously, this is HILARIOUS

Oh shortly, the newly created section "Great Music Week End for Otakus", stay tuned! (even if I know my readers are not really numerous XD)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

[1st episode]Star Driver

I know it's been a while since it has been out but better late than never right?

Star Driver is a mecha story, basically the hero, Takuto, arrives in an island and there's an evil organization who tries to do something I couldn't quite decipher and kidnaps a young girl, thus comes the hero on his white mecha to, obviously, save the girl.
It doesn't seem really passionating that way, but trust me, it is.

I didn't really intend on watching this, if it wasn't for Mamoru Miyano (Takuto's seiyuu) I probably wouldn't have but since this is my only chance to hear him this season (I think) I gave it a try, ready to give up if it was just a plain mecha without any other twist. If it's for that I thought I'd rather wait for Awakenning of the Trailblazer (aka Gundam 00 movie), I'd have Mamoru all the same (and Kamiya as a bonus gift)
You know what? I'm glad I tried.

I don't remember the music at all, that's the problem of not reviewing right away, but I never had anything to complain about this composer.
Don't have anything to say about the animation either.
As for the story, I won't lie, the beginning was boring as hell, the boy'sarrival at the island, his meeting of his new friends and all, that didn't really interst me.
But everything changed when the girl was kidnapped by a weird dressed masked group, obviously known to the watcher. Takuto is obviously defeated.
Except he rises later and comes in his Cybody (the mecha thing) to save the girl, displaying one of the most epic transformation scene I've ever seen. Yes you read well, I said trasnformation scene, like a magical girl, except it's a boy and that the anime is clearly mecha.
It's wonderful, just wonderful, it's been days and I'm still not over it.

Overall thoughts? IT'S GALACTICLY PRETTY!

Friday, October 8, 2010

[1st episode]Togainu no Chi

Ok, I know I'm dead late for this serie of articles, I'll be publishing more I swear and I also swear I have a good excuse this time, I've been sick, but really dead sick.
Anyway, second seasons (Tegami Bachi, Arakawa and Hakuouki) will wait until I don't have anything more to review, today's victim is Togainu no Chi because I just saw it and that I fangirl like crazy since YEARS over Shiki (I'm taking suggestions for a nickname for him because we won't manage it in the middle of no less than 3 Shikis I speak about nearly daily ^^)
Next victims will be : Star Driver, Yakumo, The World God only knows and I'm still waiting for the Noitamina things (which are today if I'm not mistaken). I still feel I'd forget something though, but anyway let's start.

I'll skip the details of the birth processus of this anime and go straight (that wasn't on purpose I swear) to the summary without spoiling because the first episode is basically the summary they always give.
It's an apocalyptic setting, two organizations fight for the control of the city, an area called Toshima is a no-man's land and there is organized the street fight tournament called Igura. Our main protagonist is Akira and has received the mission to kill the ultimate king of the game called Il-Re thus ending the drug trafic coming along the "tournament".

So now thoughts, well I'm biased because fuck it's Togainu no Chi we're talking about and I never expected to see Shiki so soon.
Music fits, animation is kinda strange by moments (I say strange because I don't want to say bad actually, nooo what did they do to Shiki's mouth??! :'() I like the atmosphere even though it could have been darker.
As for the story, I didn't expect it to start like that, well now I think about it it's pretty obvious and a better way than to start right in the middle of Igura.
The episode is slow and only introduced the three main characters (I wanted to see the Punishers and Kau and Arbitro already!), one being barely identified (but fucking badass, oooh Shiki <3), other than that there's BLOOD! That was expected but I'm still happy they kept it (all hail this hour spot!)

Mmh what else should I say? Go watch it?
(and come on, Akira's jokes, aren't they awesome? XD)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

[1st episode]Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt

Ok, please don't comment on my choices, it's not the first time and probably not the last that I'll feel somewhat embarassed about some of my anime choices but since I'm strong and brave and smart (dixit über popular fic writer Lovely Smut Princess, YES she said that and yeah indeed it's a codename) you have the right to know every little bit of my anime dark side.

Today's victim of the "1st episode" serie iiiisss Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt!
Summary is easy, two angels, Panty and Stockings, descended on Earth to defeat the evil Ghosts. To do that they're helped by the priest Garterbelt.

I think I liked it. I think.
Actually it's pretty weird for a japanese anime, it reminds me of my childhood, but it's not a bad thing.
Except it totally ruins any childhood memory the very second Panty appears XD
So yeah, as expected it's perverted, and apparently they were close to cancellation for the second episode, which makes me want to watch it even more. Normal.

On the anime itself, well it's not something overly awesome, it's fun and perverted, the story is not at all original.
BUT (because there's a but) take it as an ultimate parody of everything and it becomes much more interesting.
The art for example : parody of american animation.
The wonderful "transformation" scene : parody of magical girls animes
Their weapons : parody of any action anime out there.
See, a bit of thinking and it becomes interesting on top of being funny.

Overall impression : Yeah why not, seems fun.
Original reason why I watched : THE TITLE! (and this is how you end up watching crazy things)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

[1st episode]Bakuman

Fall season really started now, so that means a lot of first episodes to review (when I still haven't finished to review the animes from last season, aaaw woe is me!)

Anyway, summary for those who would have missed it, the setting is simple, two middle schoolers want to become mangaka, thus come love stories, work stories, well it's slice of life and you learn plenty of things about the manga industry.
I already reviewed the manga anyway, go there


Now for the anime specifics, actually I only watched it RAW for now but I couldn't resist blogging about it now, it's the afterglow you know. And let's admit it, the dialogues are nearly the same as in the manga and since I read it in both French and English, Japanese is a piece of cake, and it's everyday talk not like Izaya's speeches.
Anyway, it's pretty, the first OP made me laugh, the normal OP and the ED are not to my tastes though, but I don't like them very often so I guess it's normal.
I liked the music too and I feel that the anime is cuter than the manga.
Well we're only at the beginning so maybe it'll change but for now I have the feeling it is cuter, especially that line "aaw Azuki's eyes are shining, sooo pretty", I don't remember that line in the manga so maybe it's because of this, but it made me melt and god knows how fluff and me don't go well together.

Now let's move on to my favorite subject aka seiyuu! And for once it is relevant to the story of the anime.
So as far as I heard the girls are perfect, I don't usually go crazy over girls (aside for Kana Hanazawa whose voice makes me melt <3 though she's not the only one I like, don't misunderstand me) and as long as they don't have an annoying voice I'm totally ok with them. There, not only are they not annoying but on top of that they fit, for now, I'm still kinda scared to hear Aoki Ko with the same voice as Saber.
As for the boys, I'm scared to hear Eiji and excited about Fukuda, but Hino Satoshi is perfect as Shuujin. On the other hand Abe Atsushi doesn't work well with Moritaka, he would have been better as Eiji I think, but well he has some good moments too, like the scene in front of Azuki's house, there he was good.

Overall impression : FUCK YEAH! Can't wait for Fukuda!

Friday, October 1, 2010

[Review]Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru

Since the Fall season will start today shortly I thought I really had to hurry up and catch up with my reviews, especially the ones for animes dating back from the Spring season and finishing now. Today's victim is Uraboku, yes I'm shortenning because let's admit it, this name is impossible to remember if you're not a fan.

Let's start by the mandatory summary.
Basically the hero is Yuki, an abandonned child who grew up in an orphanage, as expected he has some powers and as expected one day someone from his family shows up and tells him they're from the Giou clan and that their goal is to beat the oh so awful and evil Reiga.

First thing I need to say is that it's adapted from a BL manga so there are hints, nothing really big but they're there.
Second, I HATE Yuki, I never thought I could hate a character so much before, this guy is the most useless guy I've ever seen in my life, he's on the level of a main shoujo girl. As expected he shows up every 5 seconds since he's the main guy. I thought I'd die.
Third (very important) fact, I only started this because the cast is heavenly but I would have stopped without a second thought if it wasn't the only anime in which I could hear Kamiya Hiroshi in the Summer season.

Now trying to be a little less biased the music is awesome, really awesome, it's the only thing I really found awesome in the show, except for the villains, and the uniforms *cough*
The fights too were pretty epic and as I said it before the cast was heavenly.

Actually I don't have much more to say about this, it's obviously directed towards girls, mostly fans of fantasy settings with vampires and the likes, so if you don't fall in the category it's probably better if you don't watch.
Though if you're in the category it becomes a must watch.
I don't regret watching this, even if at times it was painful (yeah hating the main character is a serious drawback) but at the same time I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone except notorious lovers of that kind of settings.