Saturday, October 16, 2010

[1st episode]Kuragehime

LAST ONE! Tomorrow --> recap

Kuragehime is a slice of life focusing on girls living in an appartment complex, these girls are all a little special, the heroin for example is a jellyfish otaku.
One day said heroin encounter a wonderful and pretty girl who helps her saving Kulala the jellyfish, the girl sleeps over and in the morning she discovers that this girl is not totally what she thought she was.

It's Noitamina, so even if it's not good it's at least interesting and this, is good. I think.

Kana Hanazawa is there again, much to my pleasure and it has Saiga Mitsuki too (the excellent seiyuu of Nabari No Ou's Yoite, a girl)
That alone would be enough to make me watch, because Kana Hanazawa talks a LOT and she usually voices more quiet characters (except in BRS)

Anyway, I LOVE the plot, honestly do LOVE.
The girls all seem crazy, I love crazy characters, well ok there's no psycho but I'll deal with it. I just love how much fun they seem to have together and the boy is priceless.
"I just like to dress in girls' clothes but I'm normal"

One of the anime I'd definitely keep watching if you ask me to cut down in my list