Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Full Moon Slightly Chipped - Iwasaki Taku

It was a long struggle with myself but today's edition of Music Week End will NOT be a character song, nothing even sang by a seiyuu, be proud of me, that probably won't happen often.

Today's victim is an extract from Kuroshitsuji II's OST, which is, pardon me for my bluntness, MUCH better than the OST for the first season, though the composer is still Iwasaki Taku. Go figure.

Song is The Full Moon Slightly Chipped, I chose it for the voice, this girl has a FUCKING beautiful voice, and I can't seem to find her name, I NEED to find more songs from her.
And the music is beautifully sad, combination of the two makes me cry. (there's a conspiracy to make me cry these days) Anyway, enjoy my lovelies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovey Dovey Prattle of an evil Boss II

I know I've been away for long, just when I promised myself I wouldn't back away from this blog I did. I'm so sorry.

Well, on the other hand I haven't done much lately, just went out everyday, which is hard on me, I need preparation time and then time to recover and in the end, I do nothing at all during the day.
Then little brother was home, he left me depressed and full of hate for myself and all my inspiration was drained. Should. Not. PAY. ATTENTION.

I went to a lot a of parties too, karaoke and just going out between friends, some of them not turning quite right and I had problems with sleep.

As a result whenever I had a little time I desperately tried to update my fics, which I never did in the end since I had no inspiration left.

Good things happened though, some of the parties were great and funny, I've seen and fangirled with Aka-chan, plus I now own my first Nendoroid, say welcome to Kana-chan aka BRS.

BRS I by ~CiNgLee on deviantART