Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kuroshitsuji II : review

Ok so Kuroshitsuji II is finally finished. I should do a summary, but I don't want to do a summary, will do a quick one though. Oh and beware of spoilers.
So basically Sebastian a demon who formed a contract with Ciel Phantomhive and until Ciel's desire is fulfilled Sebastian is to remain as his butler. Second season features another master/butler couple as villains.

Let's say it first, I LOVE Kuroshitsuji, I really, really do. The manga is really awesome and the concept is just so crazy that I had to fall for it.
I still can't decide whether or not I loved that season two though.

First episode was damn awesome. A trolling masterpiece.
Even though I had suspicions before it still felt so damn good. My favorite episode of the serie, the only episode I still clearly remember.
Introduced Alois and his wonderful psycho self. I wished he would have stayed that twisted all the season.
Next two episodes were useless, what was the point of bringing back all these characters if they're not going to be used later? Fanservice. Yeah fanservice, this serie is full of fanservice.
During the next episodes basically there's fanservice everywhere, naked women, wonderful yaoi hints even I picked (and usually I'm pretty oblivious with yaoi hints), fights for the shonen vibes, ooh a leather outfit on a pretty big chested girl and a wide range of blood and disturbing things.
They tried so hard to please everyone that it shows, if they're going to put fanservice at least choose a public.

These episodes were really weird, they went for something too complicated, I think that's the problem, for the most part I didn't understand what was going on. If they went for such a deep plot they should have made the serie longer and slower.
I really loved the atmosphere though, blood and borderline gore and various disturbing things, me do love.
Loved the seiyuus too, then again this serie has a lot of my favs.
Loved the music Iwasaki Taku is my hero. Want that insert song, not the Kalafina one, the other. Well the OSTs are going to be released with the DVDs, no need to wait one year to get it.

As for the controversial ending, actually I don't know. It was surprising yes indeed. Everything which happened in that last episode was surprising, but I can't say whether or not I liked it. For some reason I just can't decide. So I'll give it a 5/10.

And who can really judge that ending when the fact there's going to be a third season is so obvious?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovey Dovey Prattle of an evil Boss

Actually, this is just because I'm trying to somehow get a regular pace over there, and because I just wanted to talk nonsense.

I'm tired, damn. This whole Tokyo Game Show is tiring, I love the thrill though, but I'm dead. Don't think I've ever talked that much about video games in my whole life, because guys for the records, the only video game I play is Mario Kart.
And I can't even play anymore little brother went to college with the Wii.

That being said once again I love the thrill, and it's kinda fun, and I feel I've been damn productive at the end of the day.
Next time I'll think I'll be able to manage not one, nor 2, but THREE damn blogs, plus fics, plus mod activities, plus mandatory fall housework/gardenning stuff, plus covering an event like the TGS, just kill me please?
Oh and I've been organizing an offline meeting too, we'll be only two though so I guess it should be ok.

And it has good sides too. I've been fangirling over Ryu ga Gotoku aka the Yakuza video game serie like crazy. Well it was easy to guess, knowing it just needs a very very small mention of them to get me crazy.
Which leads to another crazy addiction of mine, mainly Shiki, and Akabayashi from Durarara!!.
I'll pass on this or I'll still be there tomorrow, well no, it is tomorrow already.

I'll just shut up, and go to bed. It's too late already anyway ^^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall season 2010

So as you may know the new anime season will start shortly, as a result there's a question in everyone's head. Which animes will we watch?
Here is my answer
(and the chart is here)

Will definitely watch :
- Togainu no Chi : Come on. It's TnC, I'm waiting for an adaptation for years, and yes I'm watching this for the plot, the manga is a damn good seinen.

- Tegami Back Reverse : It has Gauche, as NOIR. Goddamn Noir. And I loved these arcs in the manga. And it has Kazuya Nakai!

- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo : Ghost stories. That's all you have to know. (and Ono Daisuke, Ono Daisuke singing the OP on top of that)

- Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls : I just loved the first episode. So yeah, will continue.

- Hakuouki II : Please don't comment on that. I'll bitch like crazy about it but I can't resist Shinsengumi stories, and it has good seiyuus, and nice character designs, and it has Chikage!

- Bakuman : I'm following the manga since the fifth week and I love it. Not to mention that one of my favorite seiyuu is voicing my favorite character.

- Arakawa Uner the Bridge x Bridge : First season was beyond awesome, and probably my only chance to hear Kamiya this season.

Will maybe watch :
- Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai : People said the manga was good, so I don't know. Guess I'll see depending on some friends' opinions.

- Kuragehime : Seems so silly, and it's Noitamina.

- Otome Yokai Zakuro : Yokai, once again, that's all you have to know. Except that this one doesn't have Ono Daisuke.

- Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt : Looks like a cartoon from my childhood, and come on, the title, the title is awesome.

- Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto : It has FukuJun and Mamoru Miyano you know? And I kinda like mechas.

- Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru : It's Shaft, and it seems funny.

- Toaru Majutsu no Index : Haven't finished the first season yet so I'll decide later.

As for the ones I'll definitely not watch, who cares?

You think I'm watching a lot of things because of the seiyuus? Yes you're right. Rejoice though, my favourite composers and singers are not in any show this season, or I would have watched just for them too.
Whatever, stay tuned for awesome first episode review, and also for end of season review. Yeah sadly, new things starting also means things ending.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Break Blade II

After the first movie here comes the second, I already there was going to be a third but I was surprised (in a good way) to find out there was going to be a fourth. Anyway, I'll allow myself to skip the necessary summary part since I already did it for the first one.

Just know it's the mecha kind of stuff, when we left our good-for-nearly-nothing hero Rygart he was engaging in a fight against the country of Athens, obviously facing his former best friend.


The story goes like that, fights, talking, fights, ooh a flashback, fights, deaths, fights, Rygart feeling guilty and wanting to leave but not leaving in the end because that would be really mean to his old friend Hodr.

Basically? Boring. It's your typical Gundam like type of plot "OMG I sooo hate war but I need to do it for the sake of the Earth/the humanity/my friends/whatever"
Well no, boring may be too strong, it's actually watcheable, and aside from the legendary originality of the plot it would be really nice, if it wasn't for the plot that is.
And it lacks some character development, we only see Rygart and how others reacts toward him, I don't really care for the Red Riding Hood queen or her strange named husband of a king (I just wrote kink, someone shoot me?) but I would definitely love to see more of Zess, he interests me.

Talking about him, he appeared soooo much more than on the first one, I was so happy you have no idea.

Figures it's time for me to give a final opinion, if you're looking for an original plot it's not for you, if you're looking for interesting character development it's not for you either, but if you want some nice mecha fights while waiting for Gundam 00's movie then go watch.
(oh and if you're just looking for some more Kamiya goodness this is for you too ^^)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls or something

So well, october is coming up, so previews are coming up as well, this time we even get a whole episode as a preview. How awesome is that?

So what's that?
The setting is simple, we're in Japan, 21st siecle, except that the Tokugawa Shogunate is still in power. It's set in a school, a high school student rebels against the school council and he's helped by lots of girls with the names of famous samurais heroes.
Interesting right?

Oh did I forget to mention it's ecchi? My bad.
At least notice that the censorship is kinda artistic. (the girl on the right is a pretty cute tsundere Sanada Yukimura, I'm in love <3)

Actually, I like this.
First the art is different, I have nothing to say about the music, it's fitting, doesn't disturb, average, thus perfect for an anime.
It's ecchi, did I already said that? And it has some pretty perverted yuri scenes (so we can definitely expect more to come for the actual serie)
Well I don't mind the slightest bit.

As for the plot, rebelling against the established power? It seems overdone and just an excuse to put some half naked girls dressed in weird outfits on screen, but at the same time, everything is easy to understand and it's relaxing for the brain (and pretty to look at), plus all this nonsense makes me laugh, Yukimura makes me laugh, so I guess I'll continue to watch.