Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall season 2010

So as you may know the new anime season will start shortly, as a result there's a question in everyone's head. Which animes will we watch?
Here is my answer
(and the chart is here)

Will definitely watch :
- Togainu no Chi : Come on. It's TnC, I'm waiting for an adaptation for years, and yes I'm watching this for the plot, the manga is a damn good seinen.

- Tegami Back Reverse : It has Gauche, as NOIR. Goddamn Noir. And I loved these arcs in the manga. And it has Kazuya Nakai!

- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo : Ghost stories. That's all you have to know. (and Ono Daisuke, Ono Daisuke singing the OP on top of that)

- Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls : I just loved the first episode. So yeah, will continue.

- Hakuouki II : Please don't comment on that. I'll bitch like crazy about it but I can't resist Shinsengumi stories, and it has good seiyuus, and nice character designs, and it has Chikage!

- Bakuman : I'm following the manga since the fifth week and I love it. Not to mention that one of my favorite seiyuu is voicing my favorite character.

- Arakawa Uner the Bridge x Bridge : First season was beyond awesome, and probably my only chance to hear Kamiya this season.

Will maybe watch :
- Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai : People said the manga was good, so I don't know. Guess I'll see depending on some friends' opinions.

- Kuragehime : Seems so silly, and it's Noitamina.

- Otome Yokai Zakuro : Yokai, once again, that's all you have to know. Except that this one doesn't have Ono Daisuke.

- Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt : Looks like a cartoon from my childhood, and come on, the title, the title is awesome.

- Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto : It has FukuJun and Mamoru Miyano you know? And I kinda like mechas.

- Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru : It's Shaft, and it seems funny.

- Toaru Majutsu no Index : Haven't finished the first season yet so I'll decide later.

As for the ones I'll definitely not watch, who cares?

You think I'm watching a lot of things because of the seiyuus? Yes you're right. Rejoice though, my favourite composers and singers are not in any show this season, or I would have watched just for them too.
Whatever, stay tuned for awesome first episode review, and also for end of season review. Yeah sadly, new things starting also means things ending.