Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovey Dovey Prattle of an evil Boss

Actually, this is just because I'm trying to somehow get a regular pace over there, and because I just wanted to talk nonsense.

I'm tired, damn. This whole Tokyo Game Show is tiring, I love the thrill though, but I'm dead. Don't think I've ever talked that much about video games in my whole life, because guys for the records, the only video game I play is Mario Kart.
And I can't even play anymore little brother went to college with the Wii.

That being said once again I love the thrill, and it's kinda fun, and I feel I've been damn productive at the end of the day.
Next time I'll think I'll be able to manage not one, nor 2, but THREE damn blogs, plus fics, plus mod activities, plus mandatory fall housework/gardenning stuff, plus covering an event like the TGS, just kill me please?
Oh and I've been organizing an offline meeting too, we'll be only two though so I guess it should be ok.

And it has good sides too. I've been fangirling over Ryu ga Gotoku aka the Yakuza video game serie like crazy. Well it was easy to guess, knowing it just needs a very very small mention of them to get me crazy.
Which leads to another crazy addiction of mine, mainly Shiki, and Akabayashi from Durarara!!.
I'll pass on this or I'll still be there tomorrow, well no, it is tomorrow already.

I'll just shut up, and go to bed. It's too late already anyway ^^