Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Break Blade II

After the first movie here comes the second, I already there was going to be a third but I was surprised (in a good way) to find out there was going to be a fourth. Anyway, I'll allow myself to skip the necessary summary part since I already did it for the first one.

Just know it's the mecha kind of stuff, when we left our good-for-nearly-nothing hero Rygart he was engaging in a fight against the country of Athens, obviously facing his former best friend.


The story goes like that, fights, talking, fights, ooh a flashback, fights, deaths, fights, Rygart feeling guilty and wanting to leave but not leaving in the end because that would be really mean to his old friend Hodr.

Basically? Boring. It's your typical Gundam like type of plot "OMG I sooo hate war but I need to do it for the sake of the Earth/the humanity/my friends/whatever"
Well no, boring may be too strong, it's actually watcheable, and aside from the legendary originality of the plot it would be really nice, if it wasn't for the plot that is.
And it lacks some character development, we only see Rygart and how others reacts toward him, I don't really care for the Red Riding Hood queen or her strange named husband of a king (I just wrote kink, someone shoot me?) but I would definitely love to see more of Zess, he interests me.

Talking about him, he appeared soooo much more than on the first one, I was so happy you have no idea.

Figures it's time for me to give a final opinion, if you're looking for an original plot it's not for you, if you're looking for interesting character development it's not for you either, but if you want some nice mecha fights while waiting for Gundam 00's movie then go watch.
(oh and if you're just looking for some more Kamiya goodness this is for you too ^^)