Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls or something

So well, october is coming up, so previews are coming up as well, this time we even get a whole episode as a preview. How awesome is that?

So what's that?
The setting is simple, we're in Japan, 21st siecle, except that the Tokugawa Shogunate is still in power. It's set in a school, a high school student rebels against the school council and he's helped by lots of girls with the names of famous samurais heroes.
Interesting right?

Oh did I forget to mention it's ecchi? My bad.
At least notice that the censorship is kinda artistic. (the girl on the right is a pretty cute tsundere Sanada Yukimura, I'm in love <3)

Actually, I like this.
First the art is different, I have nothing to say about the music, it's fitting, doesn't disturb, average, thus perfect for an anime.
It's ecchi, did I already said that? And it has some pretty perverted yuri scenes (so we can definitely expect more to come for the actual serie)
Well I don't mind the slightest bit.

As for the plot, rebelling against the established power? It seems overdone and just an excuse to put some half naked girls dressed in weird outfits on screen, but at the same time, everything is easy to understand and it's relaxing for the brain (and pretty to look at), plus all this nonsense makes me laugh, Yukimura makes me laugh, so I guess I'll continue to watch.