Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Togainu No Chi trailer

Ok so this is there just so I can fangirl.

You may know, or not that the ultra popular among a certain public game Togainu no Chi is getting an anime adaption.
The more informations they release the more I'm dying of happiness.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Pff I was really motivated, I really tried to make a post a day, or nearly, but I'm definitely not used yet to separate things that much, I still talk about my animes antics on LJ and so I feel like I'm repeating myself over there. Whatever.
Another shitty excuse I have is that I recently joined the staff of Otakult, I write more regulary over there but it's in French and I'm more neutral about things than I am here.
Last excuse but not the less important to me, is all in a question, have you ever been contacted by someone you admire? And even better, did that person said she wanted to talk with you?
That's what happening to me, so I spend my evenings talking with her, it's a lot of fun but really disctracting.

I talked too much again right? I didn't intend to talk about my life over there so much, anyway, I recently took a trip to the bookstore and bought a few recently released French mangas and so I thought it'd be the time to make some manga reviews.
Let's start with Bakuman shall we?

To start with Bakuman is a manga, written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the team behind the big success Death Note, it already has 9 volumes released in Japan, 2 in France, I don't know how many releases there are already but I can tell you it's released in the US as well.
The story is simple, two young boys team up to create mangas, so we follow the whole creation process, the whole publishing process and their (really "interesting") love life.


First off let's talk about the drawings, they're just wonderful, well it's what you would expect, but it's really amazing how this guy manage to change his style, in the story they speak a lot about different mangas from different authors and they often show pages of these mangas, Obata adapt his style to each one of these.
He also gives a try to Kohta Hirano like crack drawings, and I don't even need to read to laugh.

As I said the story is really simple, but at the same time it calls for so much things, you learn a lot about the manga industry and you can introduce so many interesting characters. Talking about these, Ohba manages to make interesting people you totally could meet everyday, there are no exagerate character traits, though I guess the kind of people you'd normally find in the manga industry is not that diversified, well I'll forgive him because I love these characters.

In the end what could I say? That this manga is going to become a classic of the genre, so start reading now?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well it's pretty old already, but what's FictionJunction?

Easy, a group of singers who sing lots and lots of animes songs, like for example in Pandora Hearts, all the songs are composed and written by Yuki Kajiura, the one behind Kalafina and also writer of the music of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, among lots of others.

That being said they're not ordinary singers, I mean, their live are goddamn amazing.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Durarara Episode 12.5

Somehow, while I have a sudden inspiration to write fics (seriously I still don't understand what came to my mind on that day ^^) this blog has been kind of forgotten, I'm sorry.

Anyway, what I was trying to share was my joy concerning upcoming 12.5 Durarara's episode.
Here is the link to the official site

So question is, do you see what I'm seeing?
Well I heard somewhere the Orihara twins were supposed to appear too but they're not on the pic, let's hope anyway.

No, the important (and unexpected) people are : Isaac, Miria aaaand SHIKIIII! I get to see more Shiki! And I'll hopefully get more Izaya talking with Shiki, because his "Shiki no danna" is definitely something and him interacting with the Awakusu-kai is aways interesting.

August 25th, a little less than 2 weeks to wait

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seitokai Yakuindomo ED

Regardless on whether or not you already know it I'll tell you something about me, not only do I fangirl over crazy psycho character but I also have strange tastes when it comes to OP and EDs, to put it simply I hate most of them, not in term of animation, they're usually interesting to watch (*looks at the first OP of Kuroshitsuji II*) but in term of music.

I'm watching a good bunch of stuff this season and nothing striked my ears to the point of dying until the day I could finally hear the full version, nothing except for Seitokai Yakuindomo's ED.
Life is strange right? That anime is surfing on the moe fashion, goddam perverted without fanservice, I thought it'd be a hit among male audience but I was wrong, in any case that's irrelevant right?
I'll review it at the end of the season anyway.

What I wanted to share today was its ED, Aoi Haru by angela, Blue Spring in English, isn't it lovely?

Isn't it catchy and pretty? (and goddamn hard to sing o_O)

Also, I can now cook macarons and started to write fics, someone shoot me?

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Battle of Hitotoribashi

For those who have watched this week's episode of Sengoku Basara you may have found the flashback between Masamune and Kojuurou to be extremely cute and heartbreaking, you also may have been a little curious about that Hitotoribashi Battle they were talking about.

I was curious so I did my researches, and here is the result (because obviously, the Wiki article sucks ^^)

Let's sum up quickly to start.
Location : In the North of Japan, around the city of Nihonmatsu
Date : 1585
Opponents : Date (with 7 000 men) against Hatekeyama (30 000 men)

Everything started when Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu captured Date Terumune, Masamune's father.
Obviously Masamune wasn't happy at all at the idea, took some men and ran to his help, without much luck, even if they were victorious Terumune died during the fight.

The real battle of Hitotoribashi took place a little later, after the death of his father Masamune wasn't happy at all, so he and a few samurai decided to siege the castle of Nihonmatsu.
Despite the large discrepancy in the number of men in each side neither won.

One year later, Date's forces siege the castle once again, this time resulting in a victory for Date's side and the setting on fire of said castle by Hatakayama Yoshitsugu's son.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chocolate Underground

One day, in a forum, we were talking about our last anime discoveries, this one was something I never ever heard about so I was interested and asked about what it was, I mean it's Chocolate Underground, it's bound to interest me ...

So here comes the mandatory summary.
One day the Good for You party comes in power, chocolate and basically every sweet thing is now strictly forbidden.
Except that guys? What do children and people do when they're forbidden to do something? They obviously do it nevertheless and tries to bring back sweets in their life.


First big advantage of this is easy : it's short, 13 episodes and it's 5 minutes long, finished in no time.
Second advantage, it has Toyonaga Toshiyuki and everyone knows (or at least should) that I'm a fan of his.
First advantage turns out to be a big drawback as well, it's short but it's too short, the story would need more development, I'd like more character development, more stuff.
The concept is interesting, it's just not developed enough.

I saw there's a movie though, need to hunt for this.

(On a side note, tomorrow I'm seeing the Cranberries and Gotan Project, I'm haaaappy! <3)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Supernatural Trailer

As you may know, or not know, sometimes Japanese animation adapts american sucesses be it movies, comics or series and transform them into a anime, their next "victim" is the surnatural Supernatural serie.

Basically it's the story of two brothers who're "chasing" surnatural phenomenons accross the United States, so basically it means we'll see witches, vampires, ghosts and their friends, not as interesting as Japanese Yokai but still very interesting to me, I will definitely watch (and I need to watch the original serie as well, but I say that for years ^^)

Little is known about the animation in itself except it'll have 22 episodes and will start next January, the trailer doesn't show much either but we'll probably get some more as time goes.
Now enjoy said trailer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Break Blade 01

I'm still looking for what exactly to do with this blog, never really had a blog like that, nor did I really keep up with it, doing episodes reviews doesn't suit my lazyness and I feel bad whenever I don't update as soon as I finish watching it, I can't even review everything I'm watching, so I'll review a whole serie and will do separated posts when I find something interesting/worth explaining with my modest knowledge.

Anyway, today's victime is the first OVA of Break Blade

Let's start by a quick (or not so quick) summary, what's Break Blade?
Easy, it's originally a manga by Yunosuke Yoshinaga, a mecha kind of manga, and since the mecha kind suits anime better than manga (at least to my standards) here comes an animated adaptation!

The story has the same setting than the average shonen, everyone has the power to use quartz for various purpose, except for one boy, Rygart Arrows. When he was younger he was sent to a military academy despite his handicap by his father, unfortunately he couldn't stay until his graduation and had to return to his farm due to lack of money.
Despite the little time he spent there he made really good friends, two of them (Hodr and Sygn) married and became rulers of their country of Krisna, the other one, Zess, returned to his country of Athens.
Rygart is called to the capital by his former friends to help when a war break out with the neighboring country of Athens ...


My modest opinion now, to be honest the reason I started this is named : Kamiya Hiroshi, Zess' seiyuu. I tend to start a lot of things because of seiyuus, don't mind me.
Fact is, the cast is good, that's something I can't deny, it has Marina Inoue and Kana Hanazawa, who are two of my favorite female seiyuu and it has my favorite seiyuu ever and the always surprisingly talented Hoshi Shouichirou whom I definitely can't dislike, despite my famous hate for one of his role.

Anyway if I start talking about the cast I'm still there tomorrow, so as I said it's a typical shonen kind of thing, the hero is weak at the beginning but suddenly becomes the last hope of the world thanks to a super mobile suit or whatever no one else is able to use. Cliché much?

In any case it's pretty, and the music is kind of fun, you know it feels like you're in one of those old Sissi movie or whatever.
I won't say it's a must watch but it's not bad either, average but since mechas are pretty rare these days it's still better than nothing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Occult Gakuen episode 05

Sometimes I feel like I should be posting something else than anime reviews, not that I don't like doing them but it starts to get a little tiring isn't it?
Next season I won't pick that many shows.

Anyway, this week's Occult Gakuen episode was all about Kozue, I love Kozue, she's one of my favorite character, her crazy occult fanatisme obviously leads to various weird faces from Maya and the others, did I mentionned that the thing I like the most in this show are Maya's faces?

In any case Kozue is pursuing an occult experience, she said she's sad to be the only one to not have experienced something occult in the school hence her desperation to live one, usually she ends up injured and create faces like this from her friends.
(They've seen a mummy ^^)

Even in normal classes, Kozue pursues the occult.

Do not worry, these were only mathematics, next one is sports. Please note that Maya is still wearing her blak thighs even in sports class and that the thing Kozue is holding is in fact a snake which ate some cooking tool.

During that time Abe talks with his waitress who wants to seel bread on the school grounds, thus he tries to convince Maya but Maya elegantly tell him to fuck off and in love Dango girl is getting mad (still don't understand how you can manage to fall in love with Abe though ^^)

Emergency! Kozue disappeared! Quickly found hidden in a the underground, trying to become a god (hence weird faces again <3)

In a class I didn't catch the name of the teacher wants to create an artificial near death experience, Kozue obviously volunteers.

And this is what she sees.

She comes back safely, more or less, since the Kozue who comes back looks like Kozue but is not Kozue at all ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sengoku Basara episode 4

Just finished to watch Sengoku Basara 4, most of the episode was boring though, seriously, Oichi and me, we're definitely not friends.

Last week we left Yukimura camping and hearing things.

Got pissed off, since god hearing dead people is creepy, so he decided to go raid the Azuchi castle nearby and this is what he discovers

Unfortunately Oichi's ghost still holds a grudge against him, after all he killed her beloved brother (o_O) and so she tries to kill him.

Even if he still doesn't feel like hurting a girl he tries to survive and actually fight against her. Philosophical talk ensues with another "ghost" (both are not dead, just so you know)

During that time Masamune got his consciousness back after his fight against Hideyoshi.

Despite having epicly lost he's still alive thanks to his beloved subordinates, I suppose you want to know why Hideyoshi was merciful for once, it's simply because Keiji pleaded for his life in the same way in the past, so cute.

During that time Hanbei and Motonari are signing alliance treaties.

Their main goal is indeed Motochika nearby, which makes me hope for an upcoming fight in the next episodes.

See, told you it wasn't interesting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

K-On episode 17

First time I try to review K-On and since it's mostly daily life stuff I dont really know what I'll be able to do with it, I apologize if it ends up being weird.

As usual the episode starts by a wonderful view of the school, it ends and everyon heads to the club room and, believe it or not, for once Yui is motivated to practise.

Except that once in front of the clubroom, shock desu~, they can't use it, and they're only one month away from the school festival!

So they wander around the school to find a place to repear, start by the classrom then to the sports hall, but nothing works.

So Sawa-chan gives her the idea to go practise in a registering studio nearby.

However it's forbidden to eat or drink inside OMG o_O
So they get their usual tea outside and discuss some songs lyrics, each one of them tried to write something, strangely enough Yui wants to start.
Courtesy from Ui.

Then came Azunyan, all shy and moe (which is the point ^^)
Her song was about Ton-chan.
Ritsu wrote only titles, Mugi wrote more a play than a song and Mio, well it's Mio.

Thankfully they've been able to return to their beloved clubroom soon.

Problems return when Ui caught a cold, which caused massive freak out from Yui and running of the whole K-on to Yui's house, Ui being herself she tried to be a nice host and serve drinks to her guests which led to this.

As you all know I love weird faces, episode closed on Yui writing a wonderful cheesy song about her little sister, lyrics officially accepted by the whole group. Hopefully we'll get to see a live performance soon.

Shiki episode 4

Eeh sorry for the lack and lateness of updates but Kuuki was at a festival, she really enjoyed herself however it backfired and caused massive aches throughout all of my body and a tendancy to fall asleep in front of the screen, but rejoice I'm back!

So as for this week's Shiki was even creepier than the usual and without my knowledge the story slowly moves on.

The episode starts as usually, our hero Yuuki Natsuno (let's call him Natsuno I have a problem with the name "Yuki", despite the fact it's included in my username ^^) stands there walking.
(Doesn't he really look like a Gundam Meister in this? A kind of mix between Setsuna and Tieria)

Said hero still can't sleep though, he still feels like someone is watching him and thus looks like a zombie.

During that time strange and suspicious deaths are still occuring in the village, and the doctor is really, really worried.

Oooh an hint! (Do you think they sparkle too? o_O)

Actually Gundam Meister guy didn't really hallucinate when thinking someone was watching him, or did he?

Maybe not.

During this time Sunako wanders alone in the night and try to flirt with the priest, I always love the conversation between those two, she also manages to become more and more creepy every week.

And Natsuno tries to get some sleep by freeloading at his friend's place, thus showing proofs of friendship all over the place.

Except it backfired since red eyed monsters (Ooooh did I spot Izaya? o_O) are entering the house.

Eh wait, wasn't she dead? I think that, to speak clearly, they're all in deep shit.