Friday, August 13, 2010

Durarara Episode 12.5

Somehow, while I have a sudden inspiration to write fics (seriously I still don't understand what came to my mind on that day ^^) this blog has been kind of forgotten, I'm sorry.

Anyway, what I was trying to share was my joy concerning upcoming 12.5 Durarara's episode.
Here is the link to the official site

So question is, do you see what I'm seeing?
Well I heard somewhere the Orihara twins were supposed to appear too but they're not on the pic, let's hope anyway.

No, the important (and unexpected) people are : Isaac, Miria aaaand SHIKIIII! I get to see more Shiki! And I'll hopefully get more Izaya talking with Shiki, because his "Shiki no danna" is definitely something and him interacting with the Awakusu-kai is aways interesting.

August 25th, a little less than 2 weeks to wait