Thursday, August 5, 2010

Break Blade 01

I'm still looking for what exactly to do with this blog, never really had a blog like that, nor did I really keep up with it, doing episodes reviews doesn't suit my lazyness and I feel bad whenever I don't update as soon as I finish watching it, I can't even review everything I'm watching, so I'll review a whole serie and will do separated posts when I find something interesting/worth explaining with my modest knowledge.

Anyway, today's victime is the first OVA of Break Blade

Let's start by a quick (or not so quick) summary, what's Break Blade?
Easy, it's originally a manga by Yunosuke Yoshinaga, a mecha kind of manga, and since the mecha kind suits anime better than manga (at least to my standards) here comes an animated adaptation!

The story has the same setting than the average shonen, everyone has the power to use quartz for various purpose, except for one boy, Rygart Arrows. When he was younger he was sent to a military academy despite his handicap by his father, unfortunately he couldn't stay until his graduation and had to return to his farm due to lack of money.
Despite the little time he spent there he made really good friends, two of them (Hodr and Sygn) married and became rulers of their country of Krisna, the other one, Zess, returned to his country of Athens.
Rygart is called to the capital by his former friends to help when a war break out with the neighboring country of Athens ...


My modest opinion now, to be honest the reason I started this is named : Kamiya Hiroshi, Zess' seiyuu. I tend to start a lot of things because of seiyuus, don't mind me.
Fact is, the cast is good, that's something I can't deny, it has Marina Inoue and Kana Hanazawa, who are two of my favorite female seiyuu and it has my favorite seiyuu ever and the always surprisingly talented Hoshi Shouichirou whom I definitely can't dislike, despite my famous hate for one of his role.

Anyway if I start talking about the cast I'm still there tomorrow, so as I said it's a typical shonen kind of thing, the hero is weak at the beginning but suddenly becomes the last hope of the world thanks to a super mobile suit or whatever no one else is able to use. Cliché much?

In any case it's pretty, and the music is kind of fun, you know it feels like you're in one of those old Sissi movie or whatever.
I won't say it's a must watch but it's not bad either, average but since mechas are pretty rare these days it's still better than nothing.