Friday, August 20, 2010


Pff I was really motivated, I really tried to make a post a day, or nearly, but I'm definitely not used yet to separate things that much, I still talk about my animes antics on LJ and so I feel like I'm repeating myself over there. Whatever.
Another shitty excuse I have is that I recently joined the staff of Otakult, I write more regulary over there but it's in French and I'm more neutral about things than I am here.
Last excuse but not the less important to me, is all in a question, have you ever been contacted by someone you admire? And even better, did that person said she wanted to talk with you?
That's what happening to me, so I spend my evenings talking with her, it's a lot of fun but really disctracting.

I talked too much again right? I didn't intend to talk about my life over there so much, anyway, I recently took a trip to the bookstore and bought a few recently released French mangas and so I thought it'd be the time to make some manga reviews.
Let's start with Bakuman shall we?

To start with Bakuman is a manga, written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the team behind the big success Death Note, it already has 9 volumes released in Japan, 2 in France, I don't know how many releases there are already but I can tell you it's released in the US as well.
The story is simple, two young boys team up to create mangas, so we follow the whole creation process, the whole publishing process and their (really "interesting") love life.


First off let's talk about the drawings, they're just wonderful, well it's what you would expect, but it's really amazing how this guy manage to change his style, in the story they speak a lot about different mangas from different authors and they often show pages of these mangas, Obata adapt his style to each one of these.
He also gives a try to Kohta Hirano like crack drawings, and I don't even need to read to laugh.

As I said the story is really simple, but at the same time it calls for so much things, you learn a lot about the manga industry and you can introduce so many interesting characters. Talking about these, Ohba manages to make interesting people you totally could meet everyday, there are no exagerate character traits, though I guess the kind of people you'd normally find in the manga industry is not that diversified, well I'll forgive him because I love these characters.

In the end what could I say? That this manga is going to become a classic of the genre, so start reading now?