Friday, April 29, 2011

人◕ ‿‿ ◕人

Whether or not we've been into animes/manga/Japanese things in general long or not, we've all experienced various kind of traumas, shocks and came to know many things we did not wish to know, or things we will never ever forget.
Because I find the topic both fun and interesting have my attempt at coming up with a personnal list.

Porn : Ok I start with this and you'll think I'm perverted but the whole concept of animated porn is something no one can forget once you've seen it. (Well animated porn is not the only "oddity" on the Japanese market but let's let this slide I don't particulary fancy embarassing myself further ^^)
Anyway, this was supposed to be a category so let's continue :
- Yaoi : I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain why this came at a shock when my 15-years-old self stumbled upon yaoi.
- Tentacles : One day I'll understand the appeal of tentacles. Maybe.
- Eroge/otome games/homoge and other dating sims : Thinking back about it, I should have imagined the concept. But I still can't believe these exist and probably never will.
- Hentai/yaoi animes with favourite seiyuus : Since I'm too curious for my own good and some people keep on sending questionnable things to me I once checked a hentai with Ono Daisuke. But there's worse, a yaoi anime, a VERY graphic yaoi anime, with Hochuu Ohtsuka. I don't want to even think about it ever again.

Seiyuu : The existence itself of such a large fandom for them came as a shock to me. Not a trauma though, I was and still am very glad to know there are people who pay as much attention as me to voices.
- Character songs : This one is both heaven and hell. Heaven when they're good, hell when they just can't sing. Still, the concept of making "characters" sing still is strange to me.
- Drama CDs and seiyuu events : Same as above, I love the concept but it's still strange. As for drama CDs I carefully avoid the ones with questionnable content (cf the above category)
On the other hand it's a very good way to learn Japanese.

Miscellaneous : That word itself is a trauma.
- Ballpoint pens : Who in their right mind would stab people with them? Yet, I still have some with me. Just in case.
- The character curse : Also known as I-am-bound-to-love-characters-no-one-cares-about. Examples are : Kyubey, Shiki-san in Durarara!! (do you even know who he is?), Akechi Mitsuhide, ...
- Durarara!! : That and any of Narita Ryogho's works is a trauma in itself.
- Spoilers : I hate spoilers. With a burning passion. Will never ever get over the fact I've been spoilt for Gundam 00.
- Cliffhangers : Same as above. Made me finish Code Geass in 3 days.
- Kyubey : It went as far as to invade my notes for class. He is EVERYWHERE! (but so cute, I want a plushie of Kyubey ^^)

- Pineapples : cf Katekyo Hitman Reborn. (his hairs do like a pineapple)

- Shi Ki : Generally all of Fuyumi Ono's works are traumas inducing. Ghost Hunt was a masterpiece of horror stories, Shi Ki took gore to a whole new level.
- Symmetry : Please don't tell me I'm the only one who can only think about Soul Eater when I hear that word. It is, by the way, very troublesome when your own mother is a bit of a symmetry addict and rants about that from time to time.

Well, I guess that's where I'll conclude my list. I let it sit down for a few days and nothing more came up to my mind, you're free to suggest more, I'm dead curious about your own traumatic experiences.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In which she rants

You probably have noticed this is not something I do very often, in animes, or in anything, there are things I don't like but I try to find positive in everything, except today, today I want to rant. I want to rant a LOT.
Well maybe not a lot and maybe it's my fault for expecting something awesome when "beach" is in the summary, especially when it comes from High School of the Dead.

Anyway, you may not know but I really, really loved High School of the Dead.
Sure, the first episode almost scared me away, come on, she was sleeping on her breasts, who does that?, but I'm glad I continued because it was badass, even Shizuka-sensei was badass, I'd happily jump on a second season, anytime.

So, why the OVA wasn't to this level? WHY?? (that was a cry of despair)

Do these images tell you what happened in this OVA or do you need a summary?

I almost wanted to say I couldn't summarize something where nothing happened, but that would be mean. Thing DID happen. They made their breasts bounce played and had dirty fantasies accidentally breathed hydrangea smoke, and at the end zombies appeared! For one minute.
And Shidoh wasn't there. (because he's obviously my favorite character)

Oh well nevermind. I probably never will like fanservice just for the sake of fanservice.
And I'm disappointed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lovey Dovey Prattle of a lost blogger

Very surprisingly, since the Spring 2011 wrap up post I have nothing to say anymore. I probably should continue my reviews from previous season but I'm lazy and feel like it's useless.

So I thought I should at least do Madoka, since well, it's Madoka. Except the only thing I've been able to think about that is how much I want a clear character design of these mahou shoujo without a name and how I want to do fanart of them (that's totally related with my almost legendary attraction for characters no one else cares about).
Well, actually I didn't particulary dislike that ending, and not particulary loved it either, it was just too normal for a show like Madoka.
And it lacked some evil!Kyubey.
Oh well, was an interesting experience nevertheless and a show I'd recommend.

Then I realized I have too many ambitious posts I want to write. But not much material to work from and/or a lack of language skills to do.
Like, for example, is it really pysically possible to time travel using a mini black hole and other various time travel theories. (cf Steins;Gate) but damn, whenever my genius-physics-studying friend start talking about it, I barely understand, I don't even want to start thinking about translating it in English.
Or I wanted to do a post about yaoi, why do girls like it, why do they/we write it, is it somehow, making them/us act like boys, what do we/they think of yuri and hentai, how do they/we discovered it? etc etc
Except that my experience on the subject is limited, extremely limited and I would have to ask some friends for help, and everyone is busy with exams and school and work and stuff so I'd feel bad to disturb. (Plus I, myself, am busy with exams and stuff and on top of that I'm sick, but that's beyond the point)

Then I was asked by Sebz to guestblog, much to my surprise, amazement and gratitude, and I'm stuck with the same question over and over and over. What to write? I can't possibly blog anything too personal on her blog, so that leaves out a lot of topics. Oh, well, when my head will stop hurting I'll probably find something.

To conclude this long and boring post (hell, there's not even a picture to make it seem easier to read), I think I found something for my next post. Anime induced traumatic experiences. How does it sound?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring 2011 : The end!

I finally watched everything I wanted to watch this season, clicking on the title will bring you to the original first impression post if it exists, if not, then I'm sorry? 

- Ao no Exorcist : I've fallen in love all over again, this will be my RAW watching of the season, I just have a little problem with FukuJun as Yukio but I'll deal with it. Or at least try to. Then again I don't know who I would have chosen (maybe Toyonaga Toshiyuki but that's because I miss him ^^)
A bit different from the manga but I will be able to deal with a bit of fillers, and here they added to Rin's character development so that's ok. 
Did I mentionned I'm in love with the music?

- Gintama : My good old Gintama is back, well I say "old" but I finished the first "season" in february XD
But it's back and still feels the same. 

- C : Nothing to add to the first impression post, this is my favourite show of the season. 

- Deadman Wonderland : I still don't like Romi Paku as Genta, nope, not gonna happen. Pleasantly surprised by Suwabe Junichi as the evil director, otherwise I like it, I liked the manga so yeah, was supposed to happen, a bit disappointed to know it'll only be 12 episodes, it doesn't make much sense to me, things will be rushed. 

- Steins;Gate : I'll never ever trust bananas again. And if you're like me, do not either. 
On another hand, it's really slow paced, really, really slow paced but I love it. 

- AnoHana : Nothing to add to the first impression post. 

- Hyouge Mono : Nothing to add either, yes I'm lazy.

- Yondemasu yo Azazel-san : The second episode has Kamiya. I love Kamiya. 
Just, yeah, you may be grossed out by that one so be warned (it's still not as horrible as Hen Zemi though but that's another story)

 - Kami Nomi : Nothing changed, still the old pattern. Not bad though, just not great either. 

Sket Dance : Nope. Not gonna happen. Didn't like it and don't know why. 

Hen Zemi : I'm shocked, not by what's in it, I'm practically immune by now, but by the fact no one thought suitable to censor it. That's very questionnable and the second episode is even more gross than the first. Once again, you're warned. 

Tono to Issho Zokuhen : CRUNCHYROLL IS BLOCKED IN FRANCE GODDAMNIT! /sobs forever

Sengoku Otome : Against all odds, I liked it. It'll be my guilty pleasure. It's not the greatest thing ever made but I still liked it. Its best point? No males. Yup, not a single one. 

The runner-ups, a.k.a. I didn't intend to watch because I watch too much stuff already but I'm hopeless so let's add a bit more. 

- Tiger&Bunny : I changed my mind about this one, wasn't going to continue but the second episode hooked me. I love Kotetsu and how he interacts with people, how he tries to coope with hardships and sometimes even looks cool. I'm glad it's character based rather than plot, because honestly, the plot isn't that great. 

- Hanasaku Iroha : Another unexpected thing, they're honestly never bored in that inn, us neither as a result. I usually don't like slice of life but this one is really enjoyable. 

That and Gosick and Beelzebub, make 15 animes to follow, at the same time, while watching other older series as well. 
I'll die. I'm sure I'll die. Why can't I control myself? I can't even remember the characters' names with so many series /sobs

Monday, April 18, 2011

[1st episode]Hyougemono

Ok, I never thought this would get subbed, never, but since it is let's rejoice and review, then we'll call the end of the Spring 2011 first impression serie. For a very good reason, I don't really see the need to give first impressions for a second season and I can't objectively review things for which I read and love the manga. Or no, I could but I'm so damn lazy.

Anyway, Hyougemono what is it? The story of a guy, serving under Oda Nobunaga and who obsess over pretty things in the Sengoku Jidai.

Characters are easy, there's the main, Sasuke who makes some of the best faces I've ever seen and Nobunaga who is, well, Nobunaga.
It happens that I like Nobunaga and all his different portrayals, everywhere, as for Sasuke, his obsession is the determining point of his personnality, that and a strange ability to be a goddamn hypocrite ready to do anything to live his life as a warrior and hopefully keep his head on his shoulders.

OP and ED are so unfitting that it becomes funny, nothing to say about the music either and Sasuke's voice is pissing me off.

Truth is, this is not for everyone.
It would be best to have prior knowledge of the Sengoku Jidai, its important places and warlords or else it'll quickly become boring and bothersome.
Aside from this, well, I don't have much to say, from my point of view it tries to mix the pursuit of the calmness of the tea ceremony and art with the very violent Sengoku era.
I would recommend it for educationnal purposes but be prepared to be bored a bit, even if you are a fan of the period.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[1st episode]Anohana

Only two animes left before I can call the end of the beginning of the spring season, I'm kinda impatient but since I read the manga for both it kinda takes all the fun, anyway, today, in our serie of impossible to remember anime series title comes Anohana!

The story is one of a young boy who needs to gather all of his childhood friends after they drifted apart to fulfill the wish of one of them who have died.

We don't know the characters much so far, the dead girl is annoying though and the main character, well, not very peculiar, the Kuroko look alike annoys me too, there's the perfect boy who happens to be a jerk and the perfect girl.
So far, the only one I really like is the "delinquant" (but then again that was expected)
I must say they're realistic though.

Didn't like the OP nor the ED (but you're supposed to get used to that coming from me), the music fits and as for the seiyuus, Memna's voice is hard on my ears but the rest is pretty nice, and there's Sakurai Takahiro, it's always good to have Sakurai Takahiro.

The anime in itself is something I'll probably find very boring in the end, nothing happens, there's no big mystery because we know he'll somehow manage. Yet I loved it, because aside from the whole ghost thing it could be everyone's story and because I want my heart to be warmed up at the end.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[1st episode]C etc

Screw it, despite having been desperately waiting for this, I still can't remember the full title (then again, there's worse cf : Anohana), anyway here come the first impressions post of C

I can't really sum it up, just know it's complicated stuff involving money, weird figts, conspiracy theories, there's also a bit of slice of life. 

We don't know much about the characters yet, there's the main guy who seems pretty generic, the kind who thinks he's better off if he ignores everyone around him who just wants a normal life. 
The girl he's probably in love with who helps him but sadly already has a boyfriend she probably don't love. 
Then come the characters of the other "world", a bit weird, all of them, and the most normal of them all is a bit creepy, he wants somethingbut we don't know what, I hope we'll see him again he's my favourite (which means we probably won't see him)
And last but not least the real creepy guy, the one who seems to be in charge of organizing everything, this show's very own Mephisto, except more creepy. 
There's no one I dislike, they all have their secrets and hidden motivations, even the main (well obviously, he wouldn't have been dragged in this otherwise)

Didn't like the OP nor the ED, as usual. 
Music is by Iwasaki Taku so wonderful as usual, just probably not the one I would have chosen but it works anyway. 
Seiyuu are nice, there's Sakurai Takahiro as the real creepy guy, he does well and his voice changes a lot, it's very enjoyable to hear all the changes in his tone. 
Then there's the guy who voiced Natsuno in Shiki, Soul in Soul Eater and the main guy in Gundam UC but I never remember his name, one day I will though and last but not least of the ones I remember there's the guy who voiced Genkishi in KHR, no one cares but I liked him a lot so I'm happy he finally gets more roles. 

(Un)fortunately I'll be very biased because this happens to be my favourite anime of the season. 
So yeah, I just love it, if you ask me everything is perfect and thus this is a totally useless opinion. 
I just hope it'll stay that way because usually when I fangirl so much over a first episode the rest ends up to be bad. Well at least it'll continue being interesting since nothing has been cleared. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[1st episode]Yondemasu-yo Azazel-san!

Aaaw, four animes left before I can say I gave a try to everything I wanted to this season. I'm going to be swamped. 

Oh nevermind, if it's to get more shows like Yondemasu yo Azazel-san I'd gladly be swamped!
Akutabe is a detective who use the occult to resolve affairs, and his favourite tool appears to be the demon Azazel. Not to forget the "nice and sexy" assistant he hired. 

The characters are nuts. All of them. 
Akutabe is evil. Azazel is a joke as a demon and the girl is the only more or less sane character of the pack. 
More or less because her angry moments are spectacular. 

My ears are in heaven, I get Namikawa Daisuke as the detective, Onosaka Masaya perfect as Azazel and later I'll get Kamiya Hiroshi as the penguin. I'm in heaven I tell you. 

The anime in itself is not bad per say but it isn't good either, there's no distinctive plot and it's mostly trying to be fun, and it works! Probably because it's short. 
I'd say to watch it for the nonsense, the crazy reactions of the characters and because it's a light hearted comedy that can't hurt anyone. 
(Except if you're sensitive on the sex topic because Azazel is the demon of lust ^^)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

[1st episode]Hen Zemi

I should probably stop watching so many different genres but I definitely can't help it. That plot seemed to be interesting you know?
A normal girl more or less shoved into the lions' cage, or said differently a more or less normal girl choosing to attend a seminar with and about weird people and trying to keep her sanity in these difficult circonstances. If she ever had some sanity.

As you could expect from such a summary, the characters are weird, that much is obvious. Even the supposed-to-be-normal is. Even though I don't like her, a bit too innocent and passionate at the same time AND in love. Bad combo if you ask me. 
My personnal favourite is the manga drawing guy because no one can beat his logic, considering that everything in our body is interconnected, touching a finger is the same as touching one's boobs. 
And now I finally know why I punch everyone who touches me, thank you! 

The OP is minimal and the ED is sung by Kana Hanazawa, thus I love it. 
Talking about her she voices the clueless girl, only redeeming quality about that character but I still think they should have chosen someone else, oh well, I love her I won't mind. 
I also spotted Mugi's seiyuu somewhere and there's Ishida Akira, I love it when he voices twisted characters. 
Music is forgettable. 

The anime in itself is only 12 minutes long, probably the best format so it wouldn't become too boring, beside looking at the artstyle make my eyes bleed but at the same time watching/reading something just for the art took me as far as to read something with zombies on the Titanic (*cough*Kuroshitsuji*cough*) so I'm willing to pass it off. Still, K-On was prettier, at least they cared for the backgrounds, and god knows I'm not a fan of K-On's artstyle either. 
All of this to say, I shouldn't watch, you shouldn't watch either, but it's only 12 minutes of animes and it has good seiyuu so ....

(Next time I say that, kill me? It's a bad idea and I know it ^^)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Review]Hourou Musuko

One of my beloved Noitamina show for today, Hourou Musuko, since apparently I can't get proper files/subs for shows I want to see /sobs

This one is a slice of life mostly following a boy in his struggle to accept and make others accept that he'd better be a girl and a girl who'd better be a boy.

The characters are the main interest of the show. They're more or less all a bit weird or at least not the usual. You have the boy crossdressing, the girl wanting to be a boy, the totally weird but so loveable girl, the normal best friend, the arrogant and solitary girl, the big sister, the accepting father, the bully, and the best friend who's probably gay.
All of them interacting together out and inside school.
They're so diverse that there's a high chance you'll find someone to relate to.

Sorry but I'll just skip the "ears" part, I have nothing to say, everything fits. I didn't like the OP and the ED though but that's not a surprise.

The anime was boring, interesting but boring. I mean, nothing happened.
It doesn't mean you should pass it off like that, because it's interesting nevertheless, especially if you're interested in psychology and social behaviour and that kind of stuff. It's not every day you see an anime about this kind of issues.
Just expect something very calming and boring at times, probably not a good idea to try marathoning it but still  interesting to watch.

Can't say it's a definite must watch but if the topic interests you go for it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

[1st episode]Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox

Let's continue the serie of first episodes reviews, this time with Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox, which, this time, I did intend to watch. Or at least try to.

That one has been adapted from a pachinko game and if I had to summarize it I'd probably say it's just that Sengoku Jidai warlords are girls (mostly with huge boobs) and that they're looking for a special armor.

It's based on a pachinko game, what would you expect from characters?
Answer normally would be : nothing, except, not there.
While I pretty much hate this tsundere version of Mitsuhide (I like him creepy and twisted better ^^) I pretty much have a crush on Nobunaga who appears to be strong and kind-hearted. Nobunaga, kind hearted, see?  Even the main character who is totally clueless which I normally hate, manages to amuse me a bit.
Morality is : never judge before watching. Even though the characters ARE generic, I won't deny it.

I kinda like the ED and the OP, another thing which surprised me; seiyuu fit too, too bad I'm not much into girls seiyuu (aside from my crush on Kana Hanazawa) so I can't really fangirl but from what I've heard I don't think I know them anyway.
The most surprising thing I heard there is the music. It's special you know. At least it striked my ears and I thought "OMG it's amazing", another good point.

The anime in itself is pretty much average though. Art is normal, animation is normal, story seems like it's been taken from a random RPG game, meaning there's nothing revolutionnary to it.
All in all I'm impressed though, I expected this to be really bad, but it has good points. For real.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

[1st episode]Hanasaku Iroha

Second edition of "I didn't want to watch but people said I should so I'm doing it anyway and beside I'm a masochist I can totally follow more than 10 series AT ONCE".
That being said I'll never regret starting Hanasaku Iroha.

So what is it? A slice of life about a girl abandonned by her "very caring" mother who thought it was better to flee with some random dude who has debts and is taking advantage of her. She's sent to her grandmother who disowned her daughter and pretty much hate the girl.
She then has to adapt to a new life, working in her grand mother's inn with nice and not so nice people.

Characters are lovely. Apparently we haven't even met everyone yet so I'm looking forward to it.
As you can see there are mostly girls in this though some male characters are appearing they do not seem they'll be the focus of the serie, probably very important for main character though.
Anyway, said main character is your average girl, she doesn't know what to do with her life but she's pretty positive, hardworking too because her mother is hopeless, so when she's send to her grandmother she hopes for the best.
And the best doesn't happen. Her grandmother hates her and one of her co-worker already told her to die, twice. So even her positivism broke at some points, it took time but she broke down, in a realistic way.
All the other characters are realistic too.

Music is nice, ED is average, but I love the OP and the seiyuu are doing a really good job.

The anime in itself is lovely.
I usually don't like slice of life very much but that one is amazing. I didn't see the 20 minutes, honestly.
A lot happens in a short amount of time so you're never bored, as I said it's realistic too, and it's pretty and well done and colourful, sad and joyful, all at once.
I'm a fan.
You should watch.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[1st episode]Tiger&Bunny

First edition of "I didn't want to watch but do it anyway because people talk too much about it and it's pissing me off", the victim is Tiger&Bunny.

That was is easy to sum up. In an alternate/future/I don't know because I haven't read an official summary yet society some people have super powers and fight for justice while everything is recorded in a reality show.

Characters are, well, nothing special, some are very realistic and some are awful stereotypes.
Mixed feelings for me, but I love the Oyaji, who happens to be one of the realistic guy.

I forgot the OP and the ED, so I probably didn't like them.
Music fits, and cast fits too, nothing exceptionnal but nothing terrific.
The terrific thing was that indert song ED for the TV show. My ears are still bleeding.

The anime itself is not bad. It gave me Fntastic Four vibes though, except in a more crazy way. I've never been a fan of that show sadly.
I've never been a fan of super hero shows at all actually.
That's why I don't know about this. It has potential I won't deny it but I'm still disappointed, considering everyone and their mothers said it was great and all I expected better.
It's not bad, just could be better.

Monday, April 4, 2011

[1st episode]Steins;Gate

Finally! I've been waiting for Steins;Gate since it was announced last summer, more or less 6 months, now, worth the wait or not?

I'd be in a very bad situation if I was asked to give a summary to this, just know it's about time travel. That much I understood.

As usual, characters. We've seen only 4 for now so I can't really say much, just that they're weird, and that I already love the mad scientist and the hacker. Especially the mad scientist, he's truly mad. Not only like a usual mad scientist but he's insane and paranoid. 
The two girls, well, I can't say much about Makise we've seen her 3minutes or something but I don't like the other one, I don't hate her either, so yeah, just don't care. 

The version I've seen didn't have the OP nor the ED so I can't say anything. I actually haven't noticed the music which is a good sign, it means it fits. 
As for the cast, I've been surprised by Mamoru Miyano, I totally didn't recognize him at first. Kana Hanazawa on the other hand has another cute-but-hyper voice, like Nessa in Fractale. I'm a bit worried I'll overdose, she's good and I love her but she's voicing at least two other main characters this season, but it has nothing to do with Steins;Gate so I'll stop here. 

Now the anime in itself, I don't think I understood what was going on very well. Time travel is hard for me to grasp, especially when the characters themselves don't know what's going on. 
Oh well, I like the dark atmosphere and it seems it'll be the serious kind of anime, with a bit of nonsense added to the mix. 
I'm sold!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Review]Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

It's pretty amazing how much I can write when I actually know what to write.
Anyway let's move on to today's victim, mainly, Kore wa Zombie desu ha?

As they like to mention it at the very beginning of every episode the protagonist of this serie is a zombie, don't try this at home. That sums up pretty much everything. The main character is a zombie and he happens to run into other peculiar people whom he also lets freeload at his house.

Sadly the main character is not on the picture but he's generic so let's not care very much, he's nice though, despite being a zombie he still has human emotions, rare enough to note.
The girls however are : a vampire ninja, a masou shoujou, a necromancer and if I recall correctly the last one is a werewolf ninja.
It's ridiculous but they're not really bad, just, very stereotypical.

Music, OPs and EDs are forgettable, I think, not bad, just not wonderfully good either.
Cast is, well, not bad either. Nothing particular to say.

As for the anime, honestly, the first episode is the best first episode I've ever seen in my life.
You can skip the rest though. Well no not really it's still fun to watch but after the first episode I've been disappointed and waited for a return of the real crazyness during the whole thing.
Never happened /sobs
Oh well, at least it's not just a harem anime, there is a plot.
And a special episode, which could be renamed the idol episode. Because, because every girl tried to be an idol. Actually my second favourite episode.
I want the songs so bad. Especially Eucliwood's.

As a closing sentence : enjoyable, not a masterpiece but enjoyable. But if you don't feel like it just watch the first and last episodes, so you'll avoid the disappointement.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Review]Tegami Bachi Reverse

Hello there, a 25 episodes animes! Or rather said a 50 episodes one considering it's been 2 seasons. (Talking about that, they just announced Working!! is getting another season, you have no idea how happy that makes me) I kinda want to say : normal it's Jump stuff (ok Jump SQ but close enough) and then complain it's not fair and that things like Denyuden would deserve it too but I'll refrain, because Letter Bee is good.

As usual, summary comes first.
An artificial sun shines over Amberground, the further you go from the capital, the less light you get and the poorer you are. Obviously, there are people who don't think it's fair for the people to be used and abused by the governement and fight against it in an organization called Reverse, since this organization steals the precious letters the Letter Bees are not happy and fight against it.

I don't really know what to say about the characters. Which isn't a bad thing, more like a good one. Lag especially impressed me, Noir too, but Lag much more. He's supposed to be a crybaby after all. He matured a lot through the story and it's well done.

Now let's move on to the ear section. OPs and EDs are forgettable to me, not bad but forgettable, despite my love for Stereopony.
The music was fitting in an awesome way, church like, yet not too much.
Seiyuu were awesome, well the fact Fukuyama Jun is awesome is nothing new, but I'm not used to hear Sawashiro Miyuki as a boy and thus was pretty impressed.
No cast mistake here either. Even Steak was wonderful.

As for the anime in itself it's mind blowing.
It starts off as a monument of cuteness and while I'm not into that kind of stuff normally it's really touching and never too much.
Then more or less at the middle of the second season it gets darker and darker by the second, which is something I love.
I will even admit I cried at the last episode. Fucking cried and, contrary to Lag, I'm everything but a crybaby.
And it's beautiful, the drawings and the atmosphere are beautiful and Hiroyuki Asada is my hero.

Now on to read the manga!

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Review]Dragon Crisis

I swear I promised myself I wouldn't do it, and do a general recap post, but then I thought "ooh but I didn't watch a lot of things I can review everything".
I'll probably regret this but let's do it anyway, I'll have something to blog about this way and I'm bored.

Today's victim is Dragon Crisis.
The summary is pretty simple, a dragon named Rose meets a boy named Ryuji, and they obviously loooove each other, BUT since it can never be that simple, things happen.

As you can see from the pic, most of the characters are girls, and everyone loooves Ryuji.
Ok I exagerate a bit but it's not too far from the truth.
Since I'm on the topic of characters let's continue. I have one thing to say : under-developped.
There are too many of them and as a result they change too much too fast.
Special mention for badass cousin Eriko and evil dragon Onyx. Mostly because they ... didn't change.
There are others who didn't change but they were boring and/or annoying in the first place so I don't want to bother.

Now let's move on to something else I find important in animes, music and voice acting.
I loved the OP (then again, I love Horie Yui and she did a wonderful job as Maruga), the ED was forgettable.
The music too, well it wasn't wonderful but it wasn't bad either, just fitting, which is, as I often say, the main point so good thing there too.
The voice acting was good, it wasn't a wonderful cast but no one got a not fitting voice so it's the most important. I tend to have a problem with Shimono Hiro and Kugimiya Rie in general though so my ears weren't always the happiest but the moments with Kamiya Hiroshi were worth it. I love his voice I can't help it.

Now on to the anime itself, easy, forgettable.
It's a fantasy action borderline loli harem anime, I don't particulary mind but it has nothing new and I got annoyed by the constant references to things particular to this world that were never explained (I still don't know what a Breaker is so if anyone has an idea I'd love to hear him out) and seeing the classmates reacting as if everything was normal when people barge into the classroom either with a bazooka or from the windows is kinda worrying.
The art isn't my cup of tea either but that I can manage.
I'm torn, because I think it some things would have been much better if longer, but it would probably have turned boring.

In the end, well no, not really. Watcheable but only if you're bored and have nothing better to watch.