Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring 2011 : The end!

I finally watched everything I wanted to watch this season, clicking on the title will bring you to the original first impression post if it exists, if not, then I'm sorry? 

- Ao no Exorcist : I've fallen in love all over again, this will be my RAW watching of the season, I just have a little problem with FukuJun as Yukio but I'll deal with it. Or at least try to. Then again I don't know who I would have chosen (maybe Toyonaga Toshiyuki but that's because I miss him ^^)
A bit different from the manga but I will be able to deal with a bit of fillers, and here they added to Rin's character development so that's ok. 
Did I mentionned I'm in love with the music?

- Gintama : My good old Gintama is back, well I say "old" but I finished the first "season" in february XD
But it's back and still feels the same. 

- C : Nothing to add to the first impression post, this is my favourite show of the season. 

- Deadman Wonderland : I still don't like Romi Paku as Genta, nope, not gonna happen. Pleasantly surprised by Suwabe Junichi as the evil director, otherwise I like it, I liked the manga so yeah, was supposed to happen, a bit disappointed to know it'll only be 12 episodes, it doesn't make much sense to me, things will be rushed. 

- Steins;Gate : I'll never ever trust bananas again. And if you're like me, do not either. 
On another hand, it's really slow paced, really, really slow paced but I love it. 

- AnoHana : Nothing to add to the first impression post. 

- Hyouge Mono : Nothing to add either, yes I'm lazy.

- Yondemasu yo Azazel-san : The second episode has Kamiya. I love Kamiya. 
Just, yeah, you may be grossed out by that one so be warned (it's still not as horrible as Hen Zemi though but that's another story)

 - Kami Nomi : Nothing changed, still the old pattern. Not bad though, just not great either. 

Sket Dance : Nope. Not gonna happen. Didn't like it and don't know why. 

Hen Zemi : I'm shocked, not by what's in it, I'm practically immune by now, but by the fact no one thought suitable to censor it. That's very questionnable and the second episode is even more gross than the first. Once again, you're warned. 

Tono to Issho Zokuhen : CRUNCHYROLL IS BLOCKED IN FRANCE GODDAMNIT! /sobs forever

Sengoku Otome : Against all odds, I liked it. It'll be my guilty pleasure. It's not the greatest thing ever made but I still liked it. Its best point? No males. Yup, not a single one. 

The runner-ups, a.k.a. I didn't intend to watch because I watch too much stuff already but I'm hopeless so let's add a bit more. 

- Tiger&Bunny : I changed my mind about this one, wasn't going to continue but the second episode hooked me. I love Kotetsu and how he interacts with people, how he tries to coope with hardships and sometimes even looks cool. I'm glad it's character based rather than plot, because honestly, the plot isn't that great. 

- Hanasaku Iroha : Another unexpected thing, they're honestly never bored in that inn, us neither as a result. I usually don't like slice of life but this one is really enjoyable. 

That and Gosick and Beelzebub, make 15 animes to follow, at the same time, while watching other older series as well. 
I'll die. I'm sure I'll die. Why can't I control myself? I can't even remember the characters' names with so many series /sobs