Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Review]Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

It's pretty amazing how much I can write when I actually know what to write.
Anyway let's move on to today's victim, mainly, Kore wa Zombie desu ha?

As they like to mention it at the very beginning of every episode the protagonist of this serie is a zombie, don't try this at home. That sums up pretty much everything. The main character is a zombie and he happens to run into other peculiar people whom he also lets freeload at his house.

Sadly the main character is not on the picture but he's generic so let's not care very much, he's nice though, despite being a zombie he still has human emotions, rare enough to note.
The girls however are : a vampire ninja, a masou shoujou, a necromancer and if I recall correctly the last one is a werewolf ninja.
It's ridiculous but they're not really bad, just, very stereotypical.

Music, OPs and EDs are forgettable, I think, not bad, just not wonderfully good either.
Cast is, well, not bad either. Nothing particular to say.

As for the anime, honestly, the first episode is the best first episode I've ever seen in my life.
You can skip the rest though. Well no not really it's still fun to watch but after the first episode I've been disappointed and waited for a return of the real crazyness during the whole thing.
Never happened /sobs
Oh well, at least it's not just a harem anime, there is a plot.
And a special episode, which could be renamed the idol episode. Because, because every girl tried to be an idol. Actually my second favourite episode.
I want the songs so bad. Especially Eucliwood's.

As a closing sentence : enjoyable, not a masterpiece but enjoyable. But if you don't feel like it just watch the first and last episodes, so you'll avoid the disappointement.

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  1. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka really isn't an anime you should watch for a deep plot, it was more fun than anything. I thought it was a nice anime to watch when stressed out or when I just didn't feel like thinking about anything.


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