Thursday, April 7, 2011

[1st episode]Hanasaku Iroha

Second edition of "I didn't want to watch but people said I should so I'm doing it anyway and beside I'm a masochist I can totally follow more than 10 series AT ONCE".
That being said I'll never regret starting Hanasaku Iroha.

So what is it? A slice of life about a girl abandonned by her "very caring" mother who thought it was better to flee with some random dude who has debts and is taking advantage of her. She's sent to her grandmother who disowned her daughter and pretty much hate the girl.
She then has to adapt to a new life, working in her grand mother's inn with nice and not so nice people.

Characters are lovely. Apparently we haven't even met everyone yet so I'm looking forward to it.
As you can see there are mostly girls in this though some male characters are appearing they do not seem they'll be the focus of the serie, probably very important for main character though.
Anyway, said main character is your average girl, she doesn't know what to do with her life but she's pretty positive, hardworking too because her mother is hopeless, so when she's send to her grandmother she hopes for the best.
And the best doesn't happen. Her grandmother hates her and one of her co-worker already told her to die, twice. So even her positivism broke at some points, it took time but she broke down, in a realistic way.
All the other characters are realistic too.

Music is nice, ED is average, but I love the OP and the seiyuu are doing a really good job.

The anime in itself is lovely.
I usually don't like slice of life very much but that one is amazing. I didn't see the 20 minutes, honestly.
A lot happens in a short amount of time so you're never bored, as I said it's realistic too, and it's pretty and well done and colourful, sad and joyful, all at once.
I'm a fan.
You should watch.