Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[1st episode]Tiger&Bunny

First edition of "I didn't want to watch but do it anyway because people talk too much about it and it's pissing me off", the victim is Tiger&Bunny.

That was is easy to sum up. In an alternate/future/I don't know because I haven't read an official summary yet society some people have super powers and fight for justice while everything is recorded in a reality show.

Characters are, well, nothing special, some are very realistic and some are awful stereotypes.
Mixed feelings for me, but I love the Oyaji, who happens to be one of the realistic guy.

I forgot the OP and the ED, so I probably didn't like them.
Music fits, and cast fits too, nothing exceptionnal but nothing terrific.
The terrific thing was that indert song ED for the TV show. My ears are still bleeding.

The anime itself is not bad. It gave me Fntastic Four vibes though, except in a more crazy way. I've never been a fan of that show sadly.
I've never been a fan of super hero shows at all actually.
That's why I don't know about this. It has potential I won't deny it but I'm still disappointed, considering everyone and their mothers said it was great and all I expected better.
It's not bad, just could be better.