Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Review]Tegami Bachi Reverse

Hello there, a 25 episodes animes! Or rather said a 50 episodes one considering it's been 2 seasons. (Talking about that, they just announced Working!! is getting another season, you have no idea how happy that makes me) I kinda want to say : normal it's Jump stuff (ok Jump SQ but close enough) and then complain it's not fair and that things like Denyuden would deserve it too but I'll refrain, because Letter Bee is good.

As usual, summary comes first.
An artificial sun shines over Amberground, the further you go from the capital, the less light you get and the poorer you are. Obviously, there are people who don't think it's fair for the people to be used and abused by the governement and fight against it in an organization called Reverse, since this organization steals the precious letters the Letter Bees are not happy and fight against it.

I don't really know what to say about the characters. Which isn't a bad thing, more like a good one. Lag especially impressed me, Noir too, but Lag much more. He's supposed to be a crybaby after all. He matured a lot through the story and it's well done.

Now let's move on to the ear section. OPs and EDs are forgettable to me, not bad but forgettable, despite my love for Stereopony.
The music was fitting in an awesome way, church like, yet not too much.
Seiyuu were awesome, well the fact Fukuyama Jun is awesome is nothing new, but I'm not used to hear Sawashiro Miyuki as a boy and thus was pretty impressed.
No cast mistake here either. Even Steak was wonderful.

As for the anime in itself it's mind blowing.
It starts off as a monument of cuteness and while I'm not into that kind of stuff normally it's really touching and never too much.
Then more or less at the middle of the second season it gets darker and darker by the second, which is something I love.
I will even admit I cried at the last episode. Fucking cried and, contrary to Lag, I'm everything but a crybaby.
And it's beautiful, the drawings and the atmosphere are beautiful and Hiroyuki Asada is my hero.

Now on to read the manga!