Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lovey Dovey Prattle of a lost blogger

Very surprisingly, since the Spring 2011 wrap up post I have nothing to say anymore. I probably should continue my reviews from previous season but I'm lazy and feel like it's useless.

So I thought I should at least do Madoka, since well, it's Madoka. Except the only thing I've been able to think about that is how much I want a clear character design of these mahou shoujo without a name and how I want to do fanart of them (that's totally related with my almost legendary attraction for characters no one else cares about).
Well, actually I didn't particulary dislike that ending, and not particulary loved it either, it was just too normal for a show like Madoka.
And it lacked some evil!Kyubey.
Oh well, was an interesting experience nevertheless and a show I'd recommend.

Then I realized I have too many ambitious posts I want to write. But not much material to work from and/or a lack of language skills to do.
Like, for example, is it really pysically possible to time travel using a mini black hole and other various time travel theories. (cf Steins;Gate) but damn, whenever my genius-physics-studying friend start talking about it, I barely understand, I don't even want to start thinking about translating it in English.
Or I wanted to do a post about yaoi, why do girls like it, why do they/we write it, is it somehow, making them/us act like boys, what do we/they think of yuri and hentai, how do they/we discovered it? etc etc
Except that my experience on the subject is limited, extremely limited and I would have to ask some friends for help, and everyone is busy with exams and school and work and stuff so I'd feel bad to disturb. (Plus I, myself, am busy with exams and stuff and on top of that I'm sick, but that's beyond the point)

Then I was asked by Sebz to guestblog, much to my surprise, amazement and gratitude, and I'm stuck with the same question over and over and over. What to write? I can't possibly blog anything too personal on her blog, so that leaves out a lot of topics. Oh, well, when my head will stop hurting I'll probably find something.

To conclude this long and boring post (hell, there's not even a picture to make it seem easier to read), I think I found something for my next post. Anime induced traumatic experiences. How does it sound?


  1. Even though I am no professional or a well-established blogger, I think that the content of your posts should be dependent on your audience. Are you after attracting visitors or would simply write down your thoughts?

    For instance, if you happen to visit my blog, you'd notice the lack of cohesiveness and wit in my posts. I made it so since I'm the type to write my ideas without much structure and the posts aren't much directed to any audience save for myself. On the other hand, if you chance upon famous blog sites such as RandomC, Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity? , or even Kurogane's, all of them have a distinct unique style that adds flavor to their sites. So find a style that fits your personality.

    Anime induced traumatic experiences is an interesting topic if you ask me and I am a bit curious since I don't understand what you would be presenting. Are we talking about serious mindraep here? Fear for anything with big, round eyes thanks to Kyubey?

    Oh and just to add if you won't mind, despite my hatred/uneasiness for yaoi, I think it would be nice if you could do an article about that based from your own perspective. You may say that you have 'limited' experience about it but for you to be 'interested' in such a topic, I think you know just enough about yaoi :D

  2. I had a goal, making guys read my stuff. I miraculously managed so now I'm lost. XD
    Ok, more seriously, the goal intended was serious posts, random bits of interesting things I happen to stumble upon, objective reviews.
    At first it was a challenge to see if I could do it. In the end I don't think there's much directive line but since I'm someone who goes in all directions at once, I try to at least keep a single subject for each post, that too is a challenge.
    All of that to say, there's both the will to make it easy to read for others as well as a fight against myself, oh well, guess posting what I feel like when I feel like will work better than forcing myself to do something I don't want to.

    It would indeed include fears but also shocks, sudden realizations and things you can't see how you did before anymore. Something like that, it's a bit messed up in my head.

    I won't mind. I understand. No matter how you look at it, it's weird.
    That's what makes it interesting to me actually. I like weird things. I like Kyubey after all ^^

  3. sometimes, forcing yourself to write stuff you don't like narrows down your perspective about it. just to share, sometimes after I'm dead tired from work, I force myself to post about an anime that I watched the other day or a manga I just read and my post would often turn out to be utter crap or sensible ones so forcing yourself may be considered a gamble. A narrow perspective isn't a bad thing but the fact that you don't like what you are posting about messes up the flow of your words.

    "It would indeed include fears but also shocks, sudden realizations and things you can't see how you did before anymore. Something like that, it's a bit messed up in my head. "

    heh, this is getting more interesting but no rush. chill out and you'll be able to sort everything. sometimes, enumarating your topics help :D

    I hope you're not misunderstanding but from a male perspective, yaoi freaks me out. It's not that I hate gay and all (I have bisexual friends irl and we hang out good) I am creeped out when I see two guys kissing or going beyond. Besides, I have no right to condemn a brethren of "the weird". People have their hobbies and I respect that... er... it's just that some hobbies really freak me out.. orz

  4. I'd feel bad to not like what I'm posting actually so I try to avoid forcing myself to write. At least here.

    Hehe true enough. It at least gives a guideline.

    Don't worry, I don't misunderstand, what you're feeling is what most males feel on the topic.


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