Saturday, April 16, 2011

[1st episode]C etc

Screw it, despite having been desperately waiting for this, I still can't remember the full title (then again, there's worse cf : Anohana), anyway here come the first impressions post of C

I can't really sum it up, just know it's complicated stuff involving money, weird figts, conspiracy theories, there's also a bit of slice of life. 

We don't know much about the characters yet, there's the main guy who seems pretty generic, the kind who thinks he's better off if he ignores everyone around him who just wants a normal life. 
The girl he's probably in love with who helps him but sadly already has a boyfriend she probably don't love. 
Then come the characters of the other "world", a bit weird, all of them, and the most normal of them all is a bit creepy, he wants somethingbut we don't know what, I hope we'll see him again he's my favourite (which means we probably won't see him)
And last but not least the real creepy guy, the one who seems to be in charge of organizing everything, this show's very own Mephisto, except more creepy. 
There's no one I dislike, they all have their secrets and hidden motivations, even the main (well obviously, he wouldn't have been dragged in this otherwise)

Didn't like the OP nor the ED, as usual. 
Music is by Iwasaki Taku so wonderful as usual, just probably not the one I would have chosen but it works anyway. 
Seiyuu are nice, there's Sakurai Takahiro as the real creepy guy, he does well and his voice changes a lot, it's very enjoyable to hear all the changes in his tone. 
Then there's the guy who voiced Natsuno in Shiki, Soul in Soul Eater and the main guy in Gundam UC but I never remember his name, one day I will though and last but not least of the ones I remember there's the guy who voiced Genkishi in KHR, no one cares but I liked him a lot so I'm happy he finally gets more roles. 

(Un)fortunately I'll be very biased because this happens to be my favourite anime of the season. 
So yeah, I just love it, if you ask me everything is perfect and thus this is a totally useless opinion. 
I just hope it'll stay that way because usually when I fangirl so much over a first episode the rest ends up to be bad. Well at least it'll continue being interesting since nothing has been cleared. 


  1. Uchiyama Kouki also voiced Ichika from IS and he seems to be stepping up his game as a seiyuu though his voices have been the same and his acting kinda felt meh. In contrast to Sakurai who uses the same voice in almost all his roles but he acts so damn well... just shows how professional he is :D

  2. I still can't remember his name but now you mention him it sounds like "cookie", it'll probably work better now /shot
    Anyway, I haven't seen IS so I can't really compare with that but I agree, I think I liked his previous roles better, now he sounds always the same, it works for that kind of character but it's still a bit disappointing.
    Especially as you said when put next to Sakurai, he really impressed me (again) in this

  3. associate the title of this anime (C) with cookie and you'll remember Kouki... heh... quite an innovative way of remembering things... wish I could be like that... orz

    but going back, cutting Kouki some slack, despite his roles, he is still a rookie in the seiyuu biz. afaik, his debut was soul eater then he suddenly disappeared for awhile after that... next thing I knew, he appeared in one season landing on multiple roles... talk about lucky? or perhaps management? whatever the case, I do hope he gets to hone his acting skills since I kinda notice that it isn't common for seiyuu who uses the same time of voice... they just have damn good acting :D

  4. I'm an history major, I'm drowing in dates and names, finding a way to remember was a matter of survival ^^

    And it's not even secondary characters but leading ones, I think it's both management and luck.
    Well, I guess we'll see him some more, it'll be interesting to hear how he'll involve


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