Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Review]Hourou Musuko

One of my beloved Noitamina show for today, Hourou Musuko, since apparently I can't get proper files/subs for shows I want to see /sobs

This one is a slice of life mostly following a boy in his struggle to accept and make others accept that he'd better be a girl and a girl who'd better be a boy.

The characters are the main interest of the show. They're more or less all a bit weird or at least not the usual. You have the boy crossdressing, the girl wanting to be a boy, the totally weird but so loveable girl, the normal best friend, the arrogant and solitary girl, the big sister, the accepting father, the bully, and the best friend who's probably gay.
All of them interacting together out and inside school.
They're so diverse that there's a high chance you'll find someone to relate to.

Sorry but I'll just skip the "ears" part, I have nothing to say, everything fits. I didn't like the OP and the ED though but that's not a surprise.

The anime was boring, interesting but boring. I mean, nothing happened.
It doesn't mean you should pass it off like that, because it's interesting nevertheless, especially if you're interested in psychology and social behaviour and that kind of stuff. It's not every day you see an anime about this kind of issues.
Just expect something very calming and boring at times, probably not a good idea to try marathoning it but still  interesting to watch.

Can't say it's a definite must watch but if the topic interests you go for it.