Sunday, April 10, 2011

[1st episode]Hen Zemi

I should probably stop watching so many different genres but I definitely can't help it. That plot seemed to be interesting you know?
A normal girl more or less shoved into the lions' cage, or said differently a more or less normal girl choosing to attend a seminar with and about weird people and trying to keep her sanity in these difficult circonstances. If she ever had some sanity.

As you could expect from such a summary, the characters are weird, that much is obvious. Even the supposed-to-be-normal is. Even though I don't like her, a bit too innocent and passionate at the same time AND in love. Bad combo if you ask me. 
My personnal favourite is the manga drawing guy because no one can beat his logic, considering that everything in our body is interconnected, touching a finger is the same as touching one's boobs. 
And now I finally know why I punch everyone who touches me, thank you! 

The OP is minimal and the ED is sung by Kana Hanazawa, thus I love it. 
Talking about her she voices the clueless girl, only redeeming quality about that character but I still think they should have chosen someone else, oh well, I love her I won't mind. 
I also spotted Mugi's seiyuu somewhere and there's Ishida Akira, I love it when he voices twisted characters. 
Music is forgettable. 

The anime in itself is only 12 minutes long, probably the best format so it wouldn't become too boring, beside looking at the artstyle make my eyes bleed but at the same time watching/reading something just for the art took me as far as to read something with zombies on the Titanic (*cough*Kuroshitsuji*cough*) so I'm willing to pass it off. Still, K-On was prettier, at least they cared for the backgrounds, and god knows I'm not a fan of K-On's artstyle either. 
All of this to say, I shouldn't watch, you shouldn't watch either, but it's only 12 minutes of animes and it has good seiyuu so ....

(Next time I say that, kill me? It's a bad idea and I know it ^^)


  1. I didn't like the artstyle either, it was very simplistic. The things that they talked about grossed me out rather than made me laugh.

  2. at first glance, if someone show me this,I won't watch it too. the artwork is not good, the story looks alien. weird stories are okay, and some anime who have weird stories are cool, but this one is a no-no.
    seiyuu is good; Ishida Akira yesh.
    despite how I think K-On is bleh, I think K-On still does it better than this.

  3. @Nopy : I have nothing against simplistic artstyle but it was too simplisitic.
    And no wasn't grossed out, I think my friends talked about and did things that were much grosser so I'm nearly immune
    Though the OVA did gross me out, don't even want to think about it anymore.

    @Shiki : K-On is at least cute and you get attached to the characters. Here you're just wondering what the hell they'll find to manage to be more perverted next time they'll open their mouth.
    I really don't know for this one, the story could have been good and funny, yet that episode was pretty terrific.

  4. I'm surprised @Nopy's here too xDDD

    AS I NEVER WATCHED K-ON lol, I can't possibly compare. I do hope the show goes beyond utter perversion though (that sounds wrong)


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