Friday, April 1, 2011

[Review]Dragon Crisis

I swear I promised myself I wouldn't do it, and do a general recap post, but then I thought "ooh but I didn't watch a lot of things I can review everything".
I'll probably regret this but let's do it anyway, I'll have something to blog about this way and I'm bored.

Today's victim is Dragon Crisis.
The summary is pretty simple, a dragon named Rose meets a boy named Ryuji, and they obviously loooove each other, BUT since it can never be that simple, things happen.

As you can see from the pic, most of the characters are girls, and everyone loooves Ryuji.
Ok I exagerate a bit but it's not too far from the truth.
Since I'm on the topic of characters let's continue. I have one thing to say : under-developped.
There are too many of them and as a result they change too much too fast.
Special mention for badass cousin Eriko and evil dragon Onyx. Mostly because they ... didn't change.
There are others who didn't change but they were boring and/or annoying in the first place so I don't want to bother.

Now let's move on to something else I find important in animes, music and voice acting.
I loved the OP (then again, I love Horie Yui and she did a wonderful job as Maruga), the ED was forgettable.
The music too, well it wasn't wonderful but it wasn't bad either, just fitting, which is, as I often say, the main point so good thing there too.
The voice acting was good, it wasn't a wonderful cast but no one got a not fitting voice so it's the most important. I tend to have a problem with Shimono Hiro and Kugimiya Rie in general though so my ears weren't always the happiest but the moments with Kamiya Hiroshi were worth it. I love his voice I can't help it.

Now on to the anime itself, easy, forgettable.
It's a fantasy action borderline loli harem anime, I don't particulary mind but it has nothing new and I got annoyed by the constant references to things particular to this world that were never explained (I still don't know what a Breaker is so if anyone has an idea I'd love to hear him out) and seeing the classmates reacting as if everything was normal when people barge into the classroom either with a bazooka or from the windows is kinda worrying.
The art isn't my cup of tea either but that I can manage.
I'm torn, because I think it some things would have been much better if longer, but it would probably have turned boring.

In the end, well no, not really. Watcheable but only if you're bored and have nothing better to watch.

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  1. Dragon Crisis had a lot going for it at first and I really liked the opening song, but I didn't like the characters either. They did not go through enough character development to explain their actions and would jump from being moody to courageous in a matter of minutes.


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