Sunday, April 17, 2011

[1st episode]Anohana

Only two animes left before I can call the end of the beginning of the spring season, I'm kinda impatient but since I read the manga for both it kinda takes all the fun, anyway, today, in our serie of impossible to remember anime series title comes Anohana!

The story is one of a young boy who needs to gather all of his childhood friends after they drifted apart to fulfill the wish of one of them who have died.

We don't know the characters much so far, the dead girl is annoying though and the main character, well, not very peculiar, the Kuroko look alike annoys me too, there's the perfect boy who happens to be a jerk and the perfect girl.
So far, the only one I really like is the "delinquant" (but then again that was expected)
I must say they're realistic though.

Didn't like the OP nor the ED (but you're supposed to get used to that coming from me), the music fits and as for the seiyuus, Memna's voice is hard on my ears but the rest is pretty nice, and there's Sakurai Takahiro, it's always good to have Sakurai Takahiro.

The anime in itself is something I'll probably find very boring in the end, nothing happens, there's no big mystery because we know he'll somehow manage. Yet I loved it, because aside from the whole ghost thing it could be everyone's story and because I want my heart to be warmed up at the end.


  1. "Memna's voice is hard on my ears"

    Rookie Seiyuu Ai Kayano is doing her and the only roles that I recalled that she did was Itsuwa from Index II (which didn't speak.. orz) and Tachibana from Yumekui Merry (which I dropped due to boredom) but well, if you'll compare Menma with Minko from HanaIro, which is more bearable? =/

    "aside from the whole ghost thing it could be everyone's story"

    nice point of view there. it never occurred to me how the story might deeply stretch out from each of their points of view. while still not speculah worthy, I think it will still be interesting to see how much they have changed and the catalyst that caused it from their own perspectives :D

  2. I think AnoHana got off to a good start, it introduced all of the characters and showed how they've drifted apart after all those years. The producers probably made everyone mean or annoying in order to get the audience to relate to how the main character feels.

  3. @Baka : Still haven't finished Index I and didn't even try Yumekui Merry, so can't compare.
    But I won't hesitate though, I'll say Minko, despite the fact I can more or less bear her character I HATE her seiyuu.

    I think that's how the story will continue, giving us bits of their past from their different point of views. Or so I hope at least.

    @Nopy : It's not even they're so mean or annoying, they just coope differently with their friend's death. That's how I've undstoode it at least.
    But it's very true to relate to them, not only the main character but the others as well, and if we don't, they remind us of some of our own friends.


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