Thursday, April 28, 2011

In which she rants

You probably have noticed this is not something I do very often, in animes, or in anything, there are things I don't like but I try to find positive in everything, except today, today I want to rant. I want to rant a LOT.
Well maybe not a lot and maybe it's my fault for expecting something awesome when "beach" is in the summary, especially when it comes from High School of the Dead.

Anyway, you may not know but I really, really loved High School of the Dead.
Sure, the first episode almost scared me away, come on, she was sleeping on her breasts, who does that?, but I'm glad I continued because it was badass, even Shizuka-sensei was badass, I'd happily jump on a second season, anytime.

So, why the OVA wasn't to this level? WHY?? (that was a cry of despair)

Do these images tell you what happened in this OVA or do you need a summary?

I almost wanted to say I couldn't summarize something where nothing happened, but that would be mean. Thing DID happen. They made their breasts bounce played and had dirty fantasies accidentally breathed hydrangea smoke, and at the end zombies appeared! For one minute.
And Shidoh wasn't there. (because he's obviously my favorite character)

Oh well nevermind. I probably never will like fanservice just for the sake of fanservice.
And I'm disappointed.