Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chocolate Underground

One day, in a forum, we were talking about our last anime discoveries, this one was something I never ever heard about so I was interested and asked about what it was, I mean it's Chocolate Underground, it's bound to interest me ...

So here comes the mandatory summary.
One day the Good for You party comes in power, chocolate and basically every sweet thing is now strictly forbidden.
Except that guys? What do children and people do when they're forbidden to do something? They obviously do it nevertheless and tries to bring back sweets in their life.


First big advantage of this is easy : it's short, 13 episodes and it's 5 minutes long, finished in no time.
Second advantage, it has Toyonaga Toshiyuki and everyone knows (or at least should) that I'm a fan of his.
First advantage turns out to be a big drawback as well, it's short but it's too short, the story would need more development, I'd like more character development, more stuff.
The concept is interesting, it's just not developed enough.

I saw there's a movie though, need to hunt for this.

(On a side note, tomorrow I'm seeing the Cranberries and Gotan Project, I'm haaaappy! <3)