Friday, October 8, 2010

[1st episode]Togainu no Chi

Ok, I know I'm dead late for this serie of articles, I'll be publishing more I swear and I also swear I have a good excuse this time, I've been sick, but really dead sick.
Anyway, second seasons (Tegami Bachi, Arakawa and Hakuouki) will wait until I don't have anything more to review, today's victim is Togainu no Chi because I just saw it and that I fangirl like crazy since YEARS over Shiki (I'm taking suggestions for a nickname for him because we won't manage it in the middle of no less than 3 Shikis I speak about nearly daily ^^)
Next victims will be : Star Driver, Yakumo, The World God only knows and I'm still waiting for the Noitamina things (which are today if I'm not mistaken). I still feel I'd forget something though, but anyway let's start.

I'll skip the details of the birth processus of this anime and go straight (that wasn't on purpose I swear) to the summary without spoiling because the first episode is basically the summary they always give.
It's an apocalyptic setting, two organizations fight for the control of the city, an area called Toshima is a no-man's land and there is organized the street fight tournament called Igura. Our main protagonist is Akira and has received the mission to kill the ultimate king of the game called Il-Re thus ending the drug trafic coming along the "tournament".

So now thoughts, well I'm biased because fuck it's Togainu no Chi we're talking about and I never expected to see Shiki so soon.
Music fits, animation is kinda strange by moments (I say strange because I don't want to say bad actually, nooo what did they do to Shiki's mouth??! :'() I like the atmosphere even though it could have been darker.
As for the story, I didn't expect it to start like that, well now I think about it it's pretty obvious and a better way than to start right in the middle of Igura.
The episode is slow and only introduced the three main characters (I wanted to see the Punishers and Kau and Arbitro already!), one being barely identified (but fucking badass, oooh Shiki <3), other than that there's BLOOD! That was expected but I'm still happy they kept it (all hail this hour spot!)

Mmh what else should I say? Go watch it?
(and come on, Akira's jokes, aren't they awesome? XD)