Saturday, October 9, 2010

[1st episode]Star Driver

I know it's been a while since it has been out but better late than never right?

Star Driver is a mecha story, basically the hero, Takuto, arrives in an island and there's an evil organization who tries to do something I couldn't quite decipher and kidnaps a young girl, thus comes the hero on his white mecha to, obviously, save the girl.
It doesn't seem really passionating that way, but trust me, it is.

I didn't really intend on watching this, if it wasn't for Mamoru Miyano (Takuto's seiyuu) I probably wouldn't have but since this is my only chance to hear him this season (I think) I gave it a try, ready to give up if it was just a plain mecha without any other twist. If it's for that I thought I'd rather wait for Awakenning of the Trailblazer (aka Gundam 00 movie), I'd have Mamoru all the same (and Kamiya as a bonus gift)
You know what? I'm glad I tried.

I don't remember the music at all, that's the problem of not reviewing right away, but I never had anything to complain about this composer.
Don't have anything to say about the animation either.
As for the story, I won't lie, the beginning was boring as hell, the boy'sarrival at the island, his meeting of his new friends and all, that didn't really interst me.
But everything changed when the girl was kidnapped by a weird dressed masked group, obviously known to the watcher. Takuto is obviously defeated.
Except he rises later and comes in his Cybody (the mecha thing) to save the girl, displaying one of the most epic transformation scene I've ever seen. Yes you read well, I said trasnformation scene, like a magical girl, except it's a boy and that the anime is clearly mecha.
It's wonderful, just wonderful, it's been days and I'm still not over it.

Overall thoughts? IT'S GALACTICLY PRETTY!