Saturday, October 16, 2010

[1st episode]Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

(Fuck yeah I finally can remember the Japanese title!)

Summary first, a guy is a master at otome game, The God of Conquest, he can win the heart of any girl in any game, one day he signs a contract with a demon girl and he reluctantly starts to give chase to evil spirits hidden in girls's hearts.
However, reality is not the same as games and our hero is not good with reality.

Mmmmh I don't have much to say, the plot seemed interesting to me, but at the same time for now I'm a little disappointed.
I think I expected much better, since people were keeping on saying how amazing it was an all. Too bad I'm not in love.

Well it's not hate at first sight either and I love his mother (but there I'm cheating it's in the second episode) and I think I love his seiyuu too (considering it's also Akihisa's seiyuu in Baka to Test and considering how much I didn't like this, it's something I never thought would happen)
At the same time it's kinda cute and the relationship between the hero and the demon is pretty fun.

So yeah I'll continue, but for now I'm not really enthuisiastic