Saturday, October 2, 2010

[1st episode]Bakuman

Fall season really started now, so that means a lot of first episodes to review (when I still haven't finished to review the animes from last season, aaaw woe is me!)

Anyway, summary for those who would have missed it, the setting is simple, two middle schoolers want to become mangaka, thus come love stories, work stories, well it's slice of life and you learn plenty of things about the manga industry.
I already reviewed the manga anyway, go there


Now for the anime specifics, actually I only watched it RAW for now but I couldn't resist blogging about it now, it's the afterglow you know. And let's admit it, the dialogues are nearly the same as in the manga and since I read it in both French and English, Japanese is a piece of cake, and it's everyday talk not like Izaya's speeches.
Anyway, it's pretty, the first OP made me laugh, the normal OP and the ED are not to my tastes though, but I don't like them very often so I guess it's normal.
I liked the music too and I feel that the anime is cuter than the manga.
Well we're only at the beginning so maybe it'll change but for now I have the feeling it is cuter, especially that line "aaw Azuki's eyes are shining, sooo pretty", I don't remember that line in the manga so maybe it's because of this, but it made me melt and god knows how fluff and me don't go well together.

Now let's move on to my favorite subject aka seiyuu! And for once it is relevant to the story of the anime.
So as far as I heard the girls are perfect, I don't usually go crazy over girls (aside for Kana Hanazawa whose voice makes me melt <3 though she's not the only one I like, don't misunderstand me) and as long as they don't have an annoying voice I'm totally ok with them. There, not only are they not annoying but on top of that they fit, for now, I'm still kinda scared to hear Aoki Ko with the same voice as Saber.
As for the boys, I'm scared to hear Eiji and excited about Fukuda, but Hino Satoshi is perfect as Shuujin. On the other hand Abe Atsushi doesn't work well with Moritaka, he would have been better as Eiji I think, but well he has some good moments too, like the scene in front of Azuki's house, there he was good.

Overall impression : FUCK YEAH! Can't wait for Fukuda!