Sunday, March 13, 2011


I thought a lot before making this post, because I didn't know how to put things in the simplest way possible, finding the right way to say things, especially in a foreign language, is never easy, finding the right tone, not upsetting anyone without sounding heartless, all of that is hard, which is why I don't find a lot of posts about it in anime and generally Japan oriented blogs I suppose.

It happens this is a Japanese pop culture oriented blog so I will continue on my topic. It doesn't mean I don't care for other people, and not only people in Japan but in other countries hit by a tsunami and/or in danger of being it by tsunamis or aftershocks because I do care but I also know I cannot do anything but hope for the number of casualties to be the lowest possible and for the situation not to become worse.
I also wanted to pinpoint a fact that seems important considering all the hate going around but I couldn't care less if I don't have animes/mangas/anything before a while, as long as the PEOPLE behind it are ok, even if I don't know them personaly. (as a sidenote, people I know personaly and are currently in Japan/around the Pacific are safe, I checked on them first thing after the news)

Which is when I come to the main point of my post, which is to share a list of Japanese Personalities and their statuts after the earthquake, it's being constantly updated since yesterday and gathers as much informations as possible for now.

Since I don't know what to add I will leave it at that and just continue to hope.