Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring 2011 : Planning

Before the start of every season comes the mandatory "What will I watch post". There will be a follow-up known as "What I ended up watching" with first impressions and another follow up at the end of the season known as "Was it any good", since I happen to never drop anything if I can go through the first episode without dying of boredom.
Anyway, here we go!

What I will watch for sure and totally already fangirls about :

- Ao no Exorcist : That one is a must, I love the manga, I love the characters, I love the cast (hell it has Kamiya <3) and I love the music writer. The only thing I don't particulary love is the studio but I guess I'll do with it.

- Gintama : Well, it's Gintama you see? It's a classic and it's funny. So yeah, jumping in for more Gin-san's silliness and pervy jokes.

- C : One thing to say : Noitamina. I know it'll be interesting, I'll definitely watch whatever the plot is (but it also happens that plot interests me.

- Deadman Wonderland : Blood. Good manga. Good cast. (Though I kinda have a hard time imagining Romi Park as Genta, and I may do an overdose of Kana Hanazawa after a while, as much as I love her, she's everywhere! o_O)

- Steins;Gate : Hell, huke's character design, Nitroplus game, I run. And the plot is interesting too.

- Ano hi mita hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai : Since last season I try to avoid weird titles but once again, Noitamina. And it seems cute.

- Hyougo Mono : I happen to be a fan of the Sengoku era and historical animes in general, so this one is my representative of the genre this season. Will probably be alone in this and I know it. Too bad.

- Yondemasuyo Azazel-san : Nothing is really clear about this one, and the first episode/OVA is out since quite some times, but if it's really going to be broadcast I'm watching. Definitely.

Maybe I will watch I'm not really sure, waiting for friends reviews but I'll still probably watch because I'm curious :

 - Kami Nomi : Has seen the first season, ought to continue. Maybe it'll be better than the first? 

- Sket Dance : People keep on telling me the manga is great, I don't particulary like the cast, the music writer is unknown to me, the plot doesn't really appeal to me, so I don't know. 

- Hen Zemi : There the plot totally appeals to me, there's Kana Hanazawa but I'm kinda afraid it'll turn bad, I mean, this is the kind of thing very edgy, it can be a total win but it can also be totally forgettable. 

- Tono to Issho Zokuhen : I want, hell the cast itself makes me laugh, but I'm always afraid I won't laugh and find it boring when it comes to gag mangas, despite my love for the Sengoku era I don't know. (plus I can't say I really like who's voicing Mitsuhide and Mitsuhide is like my favourite Sengoku warrior so if I cringe everytime he talks that won't do ^^)
And I should dig for the OVA/whatever first but god how hard it is to find that stuff. 

- Sengoku Otome : It's adapted from a pachinko game. Nuff said. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to Ao no Exorcist and Steins Gate too, mostly based on the trailers that have come out so far.


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