Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[1st impressions]Towa no Quon

Ever mistook one anime for another, even if during a split moment? That's what happened to me with movie.
The first time was when I heard the music. I thought I was in Gundam 00 (and the setting didn't help, we were in a military HQ). Obviously, both OSTs were composed by Kawai Kenji.
And there I thought : good point for this movie.
The second time was when I first saw the hero in battle gear. I wondered, what the hell is that, a suit? It's night so I don't see very well, wait, is this a yellow and blue color combo?! TIGER, what are you doing there?
And, obviously, it was wishful thinking, there was no way it could be him right? I thought there was a chance the character designer could be the same too (because damn was he similar to Zetman) but nope.

Anyway, I guess you want to know what the hell is Towa no Quon about.
Pretty basic if you ask me, some strange powers awaken in young people, two factions are opposed, the ones who want to destroy them and the ones who want to help them.

To be honest I think there's more to this than just what is in the summary, and while I understand this is only the first movie of a serie of 6, who the hell is Towa?
Quon is the hero-Tiger-look alike (First time I've ever been thankful Kamiya Hiroshi isn't voicing anyone in Tiger&Bunny, I would have died. If only from the confusion) and Towa seems to be ... a tree?
As things stand I'd guess they're somehow related and she (I assume it's a she) was transformed into a tree by something. Still, I'd like to know much more. I'm interested.

I mentionned I thought I was in Gundam before (Ah, I heard Miki Shinchiro too, must be another reason ^^) but, it's much simpler than a Gundam, the good and the bad guys are clearly defined from the very beginning. The battles on the other hand are always about saving (or at least trying to save) one person whose powers just awakenned (there are a lot of different sorts of powers by the way, and not only battle related, to be simple and continue on the serie "but which anime I am watchin again", they're NEXTs), the battle are led by a few guys sent to the battlefield and strategy is being held somewhere else.
The bad guys use cyborgs who apparently used to be human (one of them is voiced by Kotobuki Minako) and the good guys only have two people able to fight, mainly Quon and an Amber look alike (that was a Darker than Black reference, please don't mind me)

It's something I'd recommend, it's not that long for a movie, 45 minutes, there are a lot of things to uncover (and names to remember because I won't go far if I just remember their seiyuu or give them names from other anime).
The only problem is, last time I was excited about a serie of movies I ended up being disappointed (*points at Break Blade*), but for now I have faith.