Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #17

I talked a lot today. Then again, a lot of things are ending, and since I'm too lazy to make a whole post for each of them ...
It's hard watching so many anime at the same time isn't it?

- Hanasaku Iroha : Ok, I'll admit it, I feared for Sui to die before the end of the serie. I'm glad she didn't. She's not a good mother but definitely a great woman!
I'm not really sure if I'm satisfied with that ending, well, it has the merit of really be a turning point in everyone's lives so I guess it works as an ending.
Oh and I was delighted to see Yuina studying French on her own. I found that pretty cute. I think she was my favorite character, though hard to understand.

- Ao no Exorcist : One episode left. While I'm relieved it's ending I'll miss Mephisto.
And, am I the only one who get slightly annoyed by emo!Satan?
And, am I the only one who keeps on being reminded of various and very unrelated stuff while watching it? While I'm totally admitting my numerous Tiger&Bunny moments were just my fangirlism acting up, it's been several episodes it's reminding me of Bleach. This one had a very Lennon's Imagine moments and the moving statues are totally from Kirikou! (which is a French animation movie you don't particulary need to see)
Oh, and I loved the Armaggedon quote, if anyone caught the reference please go tell GG, their editor was sad ^^

- Nurarihyon no Mago : Recap episode. I skipped.
The only recap episodes I watch are Gintama's.

- Gintama : (Admire my skills at making transitions!)
At first, I didn't care much, see, I watched the first episode of Sket Dance and thought it was generic and not a masterpiece at all, so well, at worse I thought it'd be funny because one of the main character of Sket Dance is also voiced by Sugita Tomokazu, who voices Gin.
I was pretty sure they'd make seiyuu jokes. I was right.
They were hilarious, because, what I didn't know before I looked at the cast list of Sket Dance, is that all of the 3 main seiyuu of Sket Dance voiced people in Gintama.
One of them being .... Jugem.

- Natsume Yuujinchou : NOOOOO! COME BAAAAAAACK!
It may have been the serie I talked about the less during this summer, but definitely one my favorite. I totally recommend it. Come on, you have the time to watch the first 3 seasons before January don't you? (because yes! They're going for a fourth! That makes me hope for one of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as well ...)

- Kamisama Dolls : So that's it? Does it mean we're getting a second season?
I honestly wouldn't mind because, mmh, what is Mahiru doing? What is Kirio doing? And Kuuko? And did her father finally discovered the truth? (He was with Kirio after all ...) and what impact did it have? And how things went between Kyohei and Hibino? (I'll easily admit I was cheering for them to just go at it on the roof,  is it just me?) What happened between Aki, Kyohei and the village? And Kukuri? And Amaterasu? And why is Kyohei controlling Kukuri again at the end?
Basically and to sum it up, unless you're clear about announcing a second season, a finale episode that makes you ask more questions than the rest of the serie alltogether is BAD.
The serie in itself wasn't, but please don't raise so many questions if you're not going to resolve anything.