Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Tiger&Bunny songs!

I knew it would made its way on Youtube in no time.

As I was talking about earlier today, the Tiger&Bunny OST set for release on Ocotober 19th and that, strangely enough, I didn't care much for before, will include, at least a song. A trio.

Whether you remember the episode of the strange new unit B.T.B. or not, whether you were watching Tiger&Bunny or not, you HAVE to listen to this.
It's Kotobuki Minako (who sings quite well in that one), with occasionnal help from Hiroaki Hirata and very thoughtful comments from Morita Masakazu. ("See you tomorrow")

I might as well tell you. I cried. Of laughter.
And I can tell you that even if they obviously heard it before the guys presenting the radio show and their guest Morita Masakazu had troubles keeping their cool too. (He still managed to be adorable and spent 5min thanking the fans, by the way.)