Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #10

Oh clever introductions why do you fail me?
Why do my writing drive fail me too? I have so many post ideas and they're sitting there, drafted but not quite completed.
And why, why is Evangelion so ... boring? (At least by episode 12, where I'm at ^^)

- No6 : A lot of people will hate me for this but I hate Nezumi's singing voice. I really do.
On the other hand I now love Inukashi very much. Much more than I thought I would.

- Usagi Drop : Learning new words is hard, right Kouki?
Rin reminded me of myself in that episode, telling the delinquents to shut up in high school was my speciality ^^

- Mawaru Penguindrum : What an episode.
Somehow, Ringo turned out to be more twisted than I thought she was. But I'm disappointed she didn't go all the way. But I feel even more sorry for her at every episode.
Lastly, I can't help but wonder about Yuri's "coincidental" return.
In the same fashion I wonder about that black motorbike (Celty!), the logical hypothesis would be that the biker was Natsume but, it'd be really too easy so ...

- Dantalian no Shoka : This double episode felt more natural than the last one.
And I've grown to really like Camilla and Dalian. More than I thought I would.
Armand on the other hand is a totally different matter ....

- UtaPri : As an insert song or as an ED I'm sorry but this song sucks.
I don't even remember why I watched -____-

- KamiMemo : I don't know what to say. I was entertained but it was nothing out of the ordinary.
Better than last arc though, if only because it had more yakuza. (Because the predictability level was the same)

- Beelzebub : When I started to watch the serie, the people who read the manga told me Himekawa was a bishonen. I didn't believe them.
I should have.
I kinda feel sorry for him though because I know I'd never let anyone touching my hair. Never.

- Tiger&Bunny : You know what? I knew it all along.
You probably didn't notice but, Kotetsu hasn't called him Bunny for at least 3 episodes. And it was a month since we last heared Morita's english but that's irrelevant ^^
So obviously, it would come to that. Much more effective than slapping him. (I was cheering for Kotetsu to hug him at that moment, just so you know ^^)
Saito became my hero when he told Ben his car was crappy. The moment I saw the insect I was ecstatic.
Karina was impressive, I liked how she worried for Kaede, she's the only one who asked about her.
Now I think about it I have tons of things to say about Kotetsu and Barnaby's characters, but I guess I'll wait for the anime to finish in case I'd be proven wrong.
Anyway, this made me wonder about a few things :
*how are Lloyds, the secretary and Agnès influence the future events? (since they're the only ones who didn't gain their memories back, yet)
*Where are Kaede and Yuri?
*What's going to happen with Maverick? Because, from my initial predictions he should have been defeated during this episode. And the last two should have been dedicated to beat the mysterious head of the mysterious organization. I'm afraid it's going to be rushed.
Oh, and as things stand Kotetsu has now more death flags than Bunny.

Normally there should be the Idolm@ster to talk about too, but the subs are still not out and, while I usually don't mind watching RAWs (the Tiger&Bunny impressions are from a RAW episode by the way) the Idolm@ster is off limit. Don't quite understand the cutesy kind of talk ^^)