Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kuuki's crazy animewatchlist desuu~ #12

I just realized I've been keeping up with this for 6 weeks already. I feel a bit proud of myself.
And I want fried rice.

- No6 : Hello again very convenient plot twists.
So convenient that it spoils the fun a bit too much.

- Usagi Drop : That'w where I regret reading the manga before the anime but since I already spoilt myself about the ending I thought it didn't matter anymore, well it did. It does lessen the "Aaw so cute" reactions.
Not that it stops being adorable, but it's a bit less.
Ah and there was Kishio Daisuke too, in not one but TWO roles. I thought I was going to kill someone.

- The Idolm@ster : I loved Azusa in that episode. As someone who shares her problem I admire her.

- Mawaru Penguindrum : So, that pink haired person is a dude, never thought, but he does seem to share some features with Boshi-sama, so they may be from the same specie.
It didn't resolve that cliffhanger but instead we got to learn some facts about Himari, which are probably relevant in some way or another.
On the other hand I'm starting to believe that the diary may come from that library, and would really be Momoka's fate. I'm still not sure it's the Penguindrum but it at least must be some kind of forbidden item that shouldn't exist in this world. Yeah, another one.

- Dantalian no Shoka : Probably the episode that gave the most obvious Gainax vibes since the beginning of the anime.
I liked the concept of going into a book though, and Dalian was adorable.

- KamiMemo : Ok. I didn't see this coming. For once.
Well, it would have been a bit more predictable if they developed their characters a bit better.
It feels like it came out of nowhere, everything feels like it came out of nowhere.
I'm forever disapointed, so much potential wasted, it's unforgiveable.

- Tiger&Bunny : I still didn't get the strength to watch it a second time with subs because, to be honest, I'm still crying only thinking about it (and even though my brain KNOWS it's all a lie, if he had to, they would have done this at the last episode)
So, basically, everything went perfectly fine, Kaede is saving the day, Karina is all adorable, Sky High still himself and Bison shows quite the soft side, in a way.
Maverick is still not defeated but Black Tiger is.
Yeah, everything's fine, until, until nothing is fine anymore and comes the most perfect acting I've ever had the chance to hear, and god knows I pay attention to this kind of things a LOT.
Hell, it's not what happened that made me cry, not entirely, it's the tone of his voice, of their voices.
BUT, I know I'm the one who keeps on saying someone will die and all, but we all know Sunrise likes to toy with us, we know they like to troll, so it can't be true, RIGHT?
*continues to ramble for hours*

- Beelzebub : Boring.

- Utapri : Boring. The attempt at drama still feel half assed.
And ok I'll admit it, while the usual quality of these two anime has never been incredibly high, everything feels boring after yesterday's Tiger&Bunny.