Friday, September 16, 2011

Mawaru PenguinDrum 10 - Fate loves me

You may have noticed the incredible amount of posts in this blog during the last days, let me tell you something. Insomnia has only one good redeeming point : more time to blog.
And, while my brain really wants to make a rant post about the end of No.6, it'll have to wait.
Penguindrum's more important.

Mostly because I want to say : I WAS RIGHT! (It happens pretty often with me so you should always be ready for that)
The particular point I was right about that was finally proven in this episode is the existence of another Boshi-sama like being. Say hello to Mario!

Mario has the same hair color as Himari. I'm thus concluding they're related.
I thought at first that he might be his soulmate but she seems to be taller than him so I don't think he is.

I'll be quick to go over the rest of the anime, because there's something else I think is important and I want to share.
- Glad to see Shoma is OK, felt sorry for him when he was poisonned TWICE in less than 24 hours and loved the bondage. Obviously.
- Kanba was adorable, trying not to show he cared for Shoma that much. Or did he have another motive? Something that must be accomplished in which Shoma is absolutely needed? Basically, does Kanba knows more about their fate than he really lets us know? And that may be the reason why he gave the diary back to Ringo.
- Who managed to even grow more on me. She cares for Shoma. It's cute. She's moving on, I'm happy for her.
- Himari finally decided to make her move to catch her soulmate but, who the hell it is?
- Masako's real motive on the other hand escapes my understanding. Is her project M the same as it is for Ringo? Does she need a baby from Kanba? And why Kanba in the first place? Where could we place Yuri and Tabuki in this mess? Does Yuri have a penguin too? Is Tabuki hiding something?
- You may think that Ringo is just as out of place as Yuri in my theory, that she has no Boshi-sama to fight for, but, I think I heard something, Masako's working with someone(s), she couldn't have been there to take the diary at the same time she was talking with Kanba, and it was clearly a man we heard on the phone.
So, I'm not too sure I heard right but I'm pretty sure the voice on the phone was the voice of her father.
There might be more to Ringo's and her family's involvement than they make it out to be.

Hang in there there's more. The whole sequence of Shouma going down the stairs in that strange building/dream.

To be honest I skipped the visuals, they probably have some kind of meaning but I was too concentrated on the music (to the point it's stuck in my head). That dear readers was an excerpt from Dvořák's New World Symphony, which wouldn't be that relevant if it wasn't the 2d movement of that symphony which is commonly sung during funerals.
I don't think the French lyrics are relevant so have the English ones (the relevant ones ^^)
Going home, going home 
I'm just going home 
Quiet light, some still day 
I'm just going home 
It's not far, just close by 
Through an open door 
Work all done, care laid by 
Going to fear no more 
Mother's there expecting me 
Father's waiting, too 
Lots of folk gathered there 
All the friends I knew 
All the friends I knew 
I'm going home 
Nothing's lost, all's gain 
No more fret nor pain 
No more stumbling on the way 
No more longing for the day 

First, note that Kanba is going down, so, it does seem to enforce the theory that he's in the dark side of the twins.
Second, see what I bolded? I'm now pretty sure their parents are dead.
It really got me thinking about Kanba's role in this, if he just had to push Shoma in the right direction, if the role he was determined to play is now finished or if there are several versions of the fate they're supposed to be tied to. In that case, for each Boshi-sama one fate? And everyone of them are going to fight against the others to find the Penguindrum and make their very own destiny win. In that case, having the diary of the adverse "team" is indeed something very useful.
I really can't wait to see how it goes.

Oh and I've wanted to say that since last week but : Sanetoshi really has long eyelashes.