Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Japan Blog Matsuri - Reasons to visit Japan

The lovely Justin over at Organization ASG posted it and so I follow his example. I'm proud to present you my own taking part in the Japan Blog Matsuri, the theme of the month is "reasons to visit Japan", hosted by A Modern Girl.
The theme made me think quite a lot actually, about what really interests me in Japanese culture and whether or not it can be really seen in a simple visit in a touristic context. If it's just going to see famous places or doing anime related things I think it can be done, but anime is hardly the first thing I loved about Japan, if I talk about it a lot it's just that it's easier and I wouldn't want to dwelve on topics I don't know first hand. In the end I realized that if I ever go to Japan, I want it to be a long stay. If it's just to be a tourist, I can be in another country in the next hour.

So, why would I want to go in Japan? I liked Justin's idea of making a Top 5 so top 5 reasons it'll be! (please note that the reasons might not make much sense and/or be a bit weird.)

5 - I want to buy doujin.
I could do that online, true enough, but the concept of going into stores entirely dedicated to fan made books is wonderful. Actually, the recognition that the fans can be active in their love for a show is something I like a lot. Even though I fully understand not everyone sees it as positive, this is still something I love about fandom.
Basically, and to sum it up, I'd want to go to Japan in person to thank the country for showing me that loving a show can be productive. (That comes from a lazy person, it's important)

4 - I want to see a real yakuza
Please note I said "see", not "meet", I may be a bit weird but I'm not crazy to that extent.
If you're new here you probably don't know it (yet) but I have a little bit of an obsession for yakuza, try to understand me a bit, they're living in the underground yet they're recognized in society (hell they have legit press publications), they cause troubles but people comes to them for help, they're criminals but they have/had high morals.
I love contradictions like these. I am interested in yakuza. That's the reason I'm curious and want to see a real one one day.

3 - I want to see Honnouji. 
Just so I can walk on Akechi Mitsuhide's tracks and think to myself "that's where you betrayed Nobunga you wonderful bastard"
Granted, it's not the original one but I'll deal with it and take what I can have.

2 - The food.
Mind you, if a pizza eaten in Italy tastes better than a pizza eaten in France, a Japanese oyako-don (my favorite Japanese dish) eaten in Japan will always taste better than an oyako-don eaten in France. Even if it's just for the scenery.
Even though to be honest I'd travel anywhere just to taste the food.
And I want to go to the Sunrise headquarters with fried rice. Just for the sake of it and so I can (or not, depending on what will happen on Saturday) smash it in their face with my very angelic expression of utter satisfaction.

1 - The culture
Basically, I want to meet more Japanese people so we can share our difference (I want to meet more people of different countries actually, which is why I blog in English in the first place), I want to go a Matsuri, to a temple, I want to go to a ryokan, I want to go to Akihabara, to Asakusa, I want to see the Tokyo Tower, and the Asahi building just for the sake of it, I want to ride the Shinkansen, I want to experience the start of a new year in Japan and Tanabata and the Mooncake festival ... and a seiyuu event.
I just want to try by myself everything that's different, compare it with what I know, enjoy it for what it is and continue to learn more about how others live and try to understand them.