Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Tiger&Bunny]When fandom makes you do crazy things

You're free to skip this post if you want to keep whatever image you had of me before., because even to my standards, what I'm about to talk about is nuts.
But I regret nothing!

Back then when we all couldn't decide whether Kotetsu was dead or alive, two friends of mine, the creators of the blog This is Sternbild, came up with a silly idea, let's all make fried rice!
And so we did.

In one week time, the silly idea of two crazy (but lovely) people had been adopted by more or less 300 others crazy (but lovely) people. (If you want to see CLICK HERE)

The list has been compiled yesterday and so far we've received words from none other than the director Satou Keiichithe producer Ozaki Masayuki and even from the writer Nishida Masafumi.

I've been involved in a lot of different fan communities in the past, not just blogs, but forums and other websites and it's the first time I see anything like that. Got to love the power of the internet.
I can't help but find this amazing and adorable. Crazy, yes totally, but adorable.
And again, I regret nothing! (and I've learnt to cook carrot cake in the process)