Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall 2011 - Facing the end of Tiger&Bunny what will I watch?

While I admit the title is a bit over-dramatic (Come on self, you'll survive, you've survived the end of DRRR and the lack of your favorite character in it, you survived death of your favorite characters too, so there's no reason why I won't be able to get over the end of Tiger&Bunny, right? RIGHT?), the fact that the only shows I'll have the pleasure to continue next season are Gintama, Beelzebub and Mawara Penguindrum. Not that I mind, but that's not much, and I feel empty when some days (like thursdays) nothing new comes out.

So, what will I watch?

These are the things I can't miss (for various petty reasons) :

- Un-Go : I can only hope for Noitamina to finally bring me a very good mystery anime. Please?
It should right? The original author is good. So maybe?

- Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon : Depending on the end of Tiger&Bunny I may or may not have lost all hopes in Sunrise by the time this airs but, it has a good cast and a kind of Sengoku Jidai setting in modern times.
I should enjoy this.

- Persona 4 : It seems, I've been one of the only person on Earth who REALLY enjoyed Persona : Trinity Soul so, more? Yes please!
And everyone who played is super excited, and since I never played I won't complain about the adaption. It's a win/win type of situation. (Well, except if it's bad ^^)

- Working!! : Yamada loved the first season to bits. Yamada even recently rewatched it when she heard about a second season.
Yamada is overjoyed!

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Don't ask. It wasn't as half bad as I'd have expected it to be. I enjoyed it enough to keep going. If worse comes to worse at least I'll laugh at the animation.

- Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle : Or, how Sunrise may or may not be the death of me. I shouldn't expect much from this but the setting interests me enough. The fate of the world reside in a puzzle my friends!

- Mirai Nikki : Liked the manga. Should be enjoyable enough.

- Bakuman 2 : We're entering the interesting part. Mainly, Hiramaru.
Hiramaru means more Yoshida-shi. Yoshida-shi is my favorite character. (When I say I'm cursed, I'm not joking ^^)

-Gundam AGE : Well. It's a Gundam.

I will check but am a little bit wary (or, things with obvious flaws from the beginning)

- Guilty Crown : Noitamina + good cast = must watch.
Even though the plot seems like a mess and like they're trying to throw everything they can into it. (Please don't let it become another Sacred Seven fiasco because from the look of it, it's a Code Geass style dystopia, resistance group included, with a virus reminding me of Bloody Monday and a hero à la Kamijo Touma)
Also note that it's the first time a Noitamina thing is downgraded to this section, that shows how wary I am.

- Hunter x Hunter : Heard a lot of good stuff about the serie, the mangaka wrote Level E , it has Daisuke Namikawa, Sawashiro Miyuki and Keiji Fujiwara.
BUT, it's Jump. And that makes it a major flaw because it'll go very near the boring line for the first 25 episodes.

- Kimi to Boku : The title sounds like a cheesy romance thing, and it looks like a slice of life thing, which isn't my favorite genre either. But it has Toyonaga Toshiyuki so I'm willing to give it a shot.

- Tamayura hitotose : I love photography, I really do, but yeah I'll stay wary of slice of life things.

- Ben-to : Or Battle Royale in the supermarket. The plot is completely nuts but as I have seen girls with big breasts on the promo picture I'm not going to hope too much.

- Fate/Zero : I didn't like the previous installements very much but there's nothing I can do against Kajiura Yuki.