Monday, August 1, 2011

Watching RAW or not watching RAW?

There's nothing better while waiting for your food than to write a blog post is it? To sum things up I'm dead hungry. I need a distraction. Which is why ... I won't write about food.
I'll write about watching anime RAW instead.
Don't get me wrong, I love the subs, I don't even mind dubs, if they're done right. (Though I still have some problems catching everything with English ones, but that has to do with the fact I don't practise enough)

Nowadays subs are out more or less within 10 hours after the first showing of the episode on Japanese TV. So why watch it RAW?

Because sometimes you're just too impatient?
To be honest, that's how it started to me. Everything because of this show :

You know that feeling when you just NEED to be next week already, that this cliffhanger is too awful to be true and such? That's how I was after each and every episode. So, obviously, the sooner I get to see the next installment the happier I was.

Second reason are spoilers. I hate them. With a passion.
Normally I avoid places where I could see them, in that particular case it was impossible. It's impossible for Tiger&Bunny too. As soon as it finishes airing spoilers are all over the place, some people are delicate, some are not, sadly.
(On the other hand, for Durarara, spoilers or not, I always ended up being surprised, even after the third watch so I guess it doesn't really apply)

And last, it really does help your Japanese comprehension improve. A lot.
It still depends on whether or not you're fast learner but it really does help.

On the other hand watching RAW comes with a few problems. Mostly, understanding it.
To be honest, I rewatch most of the shows with subs afterwards, except if it's really awful and/or I know the manga well enough to be sure I understood pretty much everything. Examples at hand Sacred Seven for the first and Deadman Wonderland for the second.

So, do you watch some anime RAW or not? And why?