Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunrise stop screwing up with me : the demise of Sacred Seven

After one particulary intense (though kinda predictable) episode of Tiger&Bunny I felt like being an adventurous girl and decided I'd watch the entirety of Sacred Seven next, since usually I just close my livestream after hearing Stone Cold.

Then I saw this :

And then it was the beginning of the end.

I don't really have anything against clichés in anime, I do enjoy basic entertainment, I don't particulary need my brain to be going crazy over theories to enjoy a serie. I like my Gundam. I like K-On. I like Ao no Exorcist and I like Hansaku Iroha.
The "saving the world" bit doesn't even bother me that much despite not being original.

But there is a line, the line has been crossed.
You can't put so many clichés together and expect it to work if the writers have no godly skills.

The maids, the butler, the Ojou-sama, the "fight for her precious little sister, the only boy able to save the world, the mecha, the mascot, the club activities, the cultural festival and now the beach episode.

I expected the story to pick up, after 5 episodes, considering the serie is supposed to be 12 it should have.
As a result of extreme disappointement (come on, I enjoyed the adds in the middle more than the anime itself), as of today, Sacred Seven is dropped.
Tell me if someone dies, then I might pick it up again.

(And on another midly related note Sunrise is really milking their Tiger&Bunny franchise to an enormous extent)